EVERYONE - A Song title or lyrics you would like to see in the new Songbook!!!

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  • Farkel

    "Give Praise to the Gee Bee" (Sung to the tune "Give Praise to Jehovah" or "Sing Praise to Jehovah" or whatever-in-the-hell it was called!)

    Note: if you don't know that song the cadence won't look right in these lovely spiritual lyrics to follow.

    "Give praise to the Gee Bee,

    Give praise to them all."

    "Give praise to the Gee Bee,

    at your Kingdom Hall."

    "Bow down to the Gee Bee,

    "'Cause they say they're GREAT!"

    "Bow down to the Gee Bee,

    "Or you they will hate."

    "They print their books for you,

    Books you need to sell"

    "Sell books for the Gee Bee,

    "or go straight to hell."

    "Yes, Worship your Gee Bee,

    "They're all tried and true."

    "Just worship your Gee Bee,

    Or they'll come after you."


  • JimmyPage

    "Tonight I'm Gonna Party Like It's 1974"

  • agonus

    "Our Saviour, Old What's-His-Name"

  • cry

    As in THE WHO - My generation.

    "People try to put us down

    Just because we move dates around

    The things we say are awful cold

    You're all gonna die before you get old

    Talkin' about this generation

    1874 generation, 1914 generation, 1925 generation, 1975 generation

    This is OUR generation"

  • littlebird

    Ha! Ha!. LMAO. this thread is funny.

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