the RV just became a DNC!!!!

by highdose 27 Replies latest jw experiences

  • zzaphod

    Good job Highdose, it`s amazing just how deluded and thick-skinned these people can be.

    They just cannot accept any view, (or even no view) is a valid and reasoned alternative to their warped cult.

    Paul UK

  • OnTheWayOut

    And from what I understand now, the letter is only "good" for one year. I would like to know who the f** made that rule?

    As far as I recall elders are supposed to make a call on DNCs once a year to see if they still feel the same

    It's bizarre: JW's actually feel like they are giving you a chance at everlasting life if they do this. So they send the elders IF they remember to do so. Many JW's also do not bother looking at the DNC list. A little bit of "persecution" makes them feel that they are doing their job.

  • isaacaustin

    I was on the dnc list and never recieved an elders visit. I received a publishers visit who didn't read the back of the card. I sent in my letter 7 years ago...and recently one of the elders told my dad that they have me on the dnc list currently. Would this be because my wife goes and I am not considered saveable?

  • cantleave

    I used call on the DNC's in the territory. I used just see how they responded and if they seemed OK I crossed them off the DNC list. When nugget and I moved in here both our next door neighbours were DNC's.

  • moshe

    Yes, it is hard in the begining for a former JW to talk to JW's- it stirs up a bunch of negative memories- Glad you got the bloke to leave your business alone.

    I think my little sign gets the point across very nicely! Copy it at a 200-300% enlargement and tape to the inside of the window. The expression on the JW's face would be a pricless Kodak moment!

  • dissed

    Way to go Highdose!!

  • WTWizard

    Another issue is the generation. They can't even make up their mind which generation it is that will see Armageddon.

  • Heaven

    highdose... it is difficult to deal with people who are not Win-Win like the JWs. It has taken me years to develop my 'shields up' process where I go to a place of absolute calm when they start getting irrate. It ticks them off because they want to upset you. I have used it on my parents in the past. I just decide I'm not going to play their game. Treat it as if you have absolutely no emotional tie to it whatsoever. You CAN do it. But it's tough.

    One of the things you could ask in the future is "If I joined and then at a later date decided to leave would the JWs still be my friends?" This question is one they aren't expecting. If he denies it you can suggest to him that he research this further because you know of many who have been shunned and that this practice does not interest you.

    I like to give them something to think about. I haven't had a JW at my door now for over 2 years. When they know you know who they are and that you have knowledge about them, they don't tend to return. Especially if they don't place a magazine or have a Bible question that requires an answer on a return visit. Hopefully you've seen the last of him.

  • chickpea

    proud moment for unbelievers!

    i am taken aback that he shook
    his finger in your face...

    maybe have a chat with local
    law enforcement about harrassment....

  • carla

    Good for you! Nice to see yet another jw who does not know their own doctrine! so much for their 'unity'.

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