What is an elder?

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  • creativhoney

    depends what cong you are in. - theres always people everywhere that use religion as a mask to lord it over others. - and some are genuine.

    and i say that even after having faced a few JCs in my time.

  • acolytes

    Hi creativehoney

    What ever congregation you are in-an Elder by his title is signalling to the authorities his willingness to conform and obey. That is the meaning of the sign "Elder".

    What I find ironic is what ever congregation you are in -an Elder by his titlt is signalling to the congregation "Iam afraid and therefore unquestioningly obedient.


  • inbetween

    once again, out of my own expereince, and of few I know, there are sincere types of elders, who may have some doubts, but "wait on jehovah".

    Sooner or later this may create a problem (like in my case), but in the meantime, they really think, they work for the benefit of the flock and under the direction of God.

    Especially as an elder, you are kept busy with indoctrination of others and yourself, there is little time to pursue doubting thoughts that come up in your mind.

  • The Berean
    The Berean

    Let us not overlook that those who we believe are "well intended" elders are at the same time tolerating corruption within their own body. They are therefore no better than those who are motivated by power. Who among us would join a group, find out it was flawed, and not leave or demand change?

    A true "elder" would have no choice but to step down in protest as an example to the scattered sheep once he percieved the "double standard" which comes along with privilege. It even goes farther ... Witnesses will tell you that the Nation of Israel had a "community responsibility" because of allowing Kings, Judges, and Priests to rule unjustly.

    The point is that an "elder" is a figurehead that the "flock" demand." Without the support and rubber stamp of the average publisher the arrangement would be done away with. Any who submit to this destructive arrangement without protest are part of the problem.

  • acolytes

    Hi inbetween

    I accept all you say. Sadly many such men are sincere (Lets call it brand loyalty) Even SS officers were so busy with indoctrination of others and themselfs, they had little time to pursue doubting thoughts that came up in their mind.

    But the simple fact of the matter is if the elders put their efforts in helping the less fortunate, people such as "Orphans and widows in distress...."(They do concider themselfs experts on the Bible) then their authenticity would not be called into question by me.


  • acolytes

    Hi Berean

    I have nothing more to add to your comments.


  • OnTheWayOut

    Elders generally are sincere believers. The problem comes in that the organization makes them into company men.

    "Hounder" is quite an accurate term for what WTS wants the elders to be.

    An elder would be a member that did everything that he was told to do by the elders and by the organization, so once he gets to be an elder he starts being molded into a "spiritual policeman" for WTS. He starts to assume that every member should do everything that they are told to do by the elders and the organization. He is surprised at members that do not do as they are told.

  • OnTheWayOut

    A true "elder" would have no choice but to step down in protest as an example to the scattered sheep once he percieved the "double standard" which comes along with privilege.

    It took me awhile to perceive the double standard, but once I did, I stepped aside. (I don't say "stepped down" as that indicates a lofty position. The title no longer indicates anything lofty to me.)

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I don't think anything is served by blaming the victims. Most Elders are even greater victims of the WTS than the rank and file are, IMO. Most of them don't know they're teaching lies or even if they somehow have that knowledge, that thought is rejected because of the mind control they're under.

    I'm not even sure there aren't GB members who are completely deluded true believers.

  • acolytes

    Hi OnTheWayOut

    Yes Elders are generally sincere belivers and this means believing "The real world is an ilusion" they sadly see the despair of the age .The pain of living in a world without value. A world of lawlessness where worldly people are evil soon to perish at the hands of their loving God"

    Iam sorry but I have no sympathies. Being an elder transcends self OR family preservation and if a person continues as an elder he will abandon his good nature.


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