More evidence that WTS is hurting for $$$ - change to special pioneer mileage reimbursement

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  • yknot

    Damn...... there goes my 'how to fleece some back from the WTS' plan during retirement......(LOL)

    Actually ....... if I may add..... along the 'a little at a time' thought....this type of 'rollback' might open things up for those things speculated in 2008.

    The Mormon's pay their own way (or are sponsored by local congregation/members) for their term of full-time service...... Stake Presidents (COs) are expected to support themselves too via secular work.

  • Alligator Wisdom
    Alligator Wisdom

    In the country that I'm currently living in, only special pioneers who are in foreign language congregations were given mileage reimbursement. For example, this would apply to a special pioneer in a Spanish speaking congregation in Thailand.

    However, this discontinued as of the service year starting in 2009. Now, no special pioneers are getting reimbursed.

    Alligator Wisdom (aka Brother NOT Exerting Vigorously)

  • sir82
    But only 13,000 miles for a pioneer???

    Should have mentioned....the miles that can be reimbursed are for "theocratic" activities only. That condition has not changed - that was the "catch" for prior years' reimbursements as well.

    I.e., they get reimbursed for things like driving to and from the Kingdom Hall, driving to and from assemblies & conventions, driving while out in service, and going on shepherding calls (if the husband is an elder).

    They do not get reimbursed for driving to do shopping, visiting friends, running errands, etc. The letter even specifically mentions they are not reimbursed for driving to give a talk in another Kingdom Hall - only trips to their assigned Kingdom Hall are covered.

    So, yeah, the SPs will likely drive over 13,000 miles per year, but will only get the (significantly reduced) reimbursement for some of it.

  • nugget

    I'm sure they could save money putting GB members in economy for their air travel. Sending literature via PDFs as was suggested on another thread and stopping biscuits at Bethel meetings. Also make local congregations responsible for paying Special Pioneer expenses. It seems that those that give most to the society receive the least amount of appreciation. It is bullying remotely, hopefully iy will be the final straw for many.

  • isaacaustin

    I do not know if this is to eliminate the sp pioneers or not but it is to significantly cut their own out of pocket costs. As Olin and I showed they are now only reimbursing the gasoline, not the wear and tear on the vehicles.

    This reimbursement is for sp pioneers only? Not reg pios? A sp pio must put in 130 hrs a month? Every month?

  • sacolton

    The next step will be the GRAND ANNOUNCEMENT that "Our ministry work is finished! We have preached the 'truth' to the whole world and it now rests in Jehovah judgment to complete His divine plan!" ... thus eliminating the door-to-door ministry completely and keeping the emotions of the R&F on edge for the next climatic announcement and expectation of Armageddon "very, very soon!".

  • sir82
    This reimbursement is for sp pioneers only? Not reg pios? A sp pio must put in 130 hrs a month? Every month?

    For special pioneers only. Regular pioneers get doodly-squat.

    130 hours / month for males, 120 / month for females. There may be some downward adjustments for persons with advanced age or chronic illness, AND who have a "long history" of sucking up theocratic service, AND who remain in "good standing".

    Special Pioneers report their monthly hours directly to the Society. If they don't make their time, (1) they have to say why, and (2) if the reason isn't "good enough", their reimbursement is reduced. For example, if a sister gets only 90 of her 120 hours, her reimbursement for that month is 90 / 120 * 600 = $450.00.

    Special Pioneers do get "vacation days" which can reduce their hour requirement for the month taken. If they take a week off, for instance, they need only get 75% of their time for that month. Illness is also considered an "acceptable" excuse for missing your time, as well as taking care of elderly parents or other family members (IF they have no one else to take care of them).

    And the time goal must be hit every month. You can't "bank" your hours like a regular pioneer can, getting lots of extra time early in the service year and then coasting through the last few months.

  • Gayle

    This is on the 2009 Annual Report:

    Dlrring thc 2OO9 service year. Jehovah's Wtnesses spent over $ l4O million

    in caring for speclal pioneers, mlssionaries, and traveling overseers

    in their fielcl servlce assignments. Worlchvide, a total of 19,829 ordatned-

    minlsters sl.aff the branch facllites. All are members of the

    Worldwide Order of Special Full:Iime Servants of Jehovarh's Witncsses

  • isaacaustin

    With this new reimbursement you can knock 40%-45% off that 140 million.

  • isaacaustin

    So sp pios get a monthly allowance of 600/1200 depending if married or single and gasoline reimbursement. Anything else? Health insurance? Any other compensation?

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