More evidence that WTS is hurting for $$$ - change to special pioneer mileage reimbursement

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  • Olin Moyles Ghost
    Olin Moyles Ghost

    Isaac, you're right. That could be a bigger savings. Say a special pioneer drove 10,000 miles out in service in a car that gets 25 mi/gal. In 2009 he would get $5,000 back from the WTS. In 2010, he would get $1,000, so the WTS saves $4,000. Note that some portion of these special pioneers are married couples-- of the few that I've known over the years, most have been married couples, and I think most of the kicked-out Bethelites are married couples.

    To the extent that the married couples have worked together, that will reduce the impact of this new policy. For example, I can imagine a married couple driving 15,000 miles in service during the year. In 2009, the WTS would reimburse them $7,500. In 2010, their reimbursement would be $1,500, which is $5,000 less than 2009. But that works out to only $2,500 less per person.

    It seems clear to me that this new policy will have a HUGE impact on the special pioneers. Under the old policy a special pioneer could almost double his/her "income" via the mileage. No doubt many/most/all special pioneers were using this mileage money to pay for essentials (rent, utilities, food). Must be tough to get the rug yanked from under you like that.

    As a side note, does anyone know how many special pioneers are in the USA? It's been a while since I've seen a KM (and I think they may not even include all that info anymore).

  • sir82

    I think the number of special pioneers in the USA was up to maybe 700 or 800 or so the last time the Society published the number, which would have been for Sept. 2008. It was right around 250 or so for the decade prior to the mass Bethel layoffs.

    There were more layoffs in early 2009, so maybe the number is around 1000?

    The majority of Bethel layoffs were just sent packing - told to pioneer, but getting no financial help whatsoever from the Society.

    I suspect the designation as "special pioneers" was a reward for just a relative few, those with longer periods of servitude service. The couple in our congregation are in their late 50's, with something like 25 or 26 years of Bethel service at time of their departure.

  • dissed

    A simple calc shows this to be as much as 75% less from previous years reimbursements.

    That, is a major hit for those paid to serve JG

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    I assume that Watchtower Corp. will use the same old "rely on Jehovah and the local congregation for support" line. Trouble is, local congregations don't have deep pockets, especially when you have Watchtower Corp. and the CO already sucking the congregations dry.

    I'd love to see how the special pioneers react at the next visit of the CO. Watchtower will probably have them checking the special pios odometers for reporting accuracy. Meanwhile, the CO is driving a corporation leased vehicle and getting gas paid for by the local cong, along with all their expenses paid and green handshakes from the congregation.

    Can you feel the love?

  • dissed

    Yes, JG will provide!

    We always had specials in our congregation and there was no way they could make it without congo support. We had a vast rural territory and cars got trashed quickly.

    They were ordered not to work secularly and at first the newbies followed the WT direction. But in due time, they would be washing windows, etc...

    One, to keep his conscience clean worked, but refused to take money. He wanted it in trade, like food, clothes, gas for his car, etc....

  • dissed

    I guess they could always go buy a bicycle and go green. But that would make them look like the Mormon missionaries.

  • Farkel

    :But that would make them look like the Mormon missionaries.

    The main difference being that Mormon missionaries give you books, Bibles and magazines without ever asking for a donation. The financial bleeding in Mormonism comes later.


  • steve2

    I empathize with the Watchtower's need to be careful with the short supply of donated money. Besides, what on earth are special pioneers doing spending so much time traveling in vehicles when they could be pounding the pavements preaching. Get off your lazy butts pioneers and start walking.

  • BluesBrother

    In the U K there were 55 Special Pioneers in the odd K M that I have for August 08 (Service report for March)

    Surprisingly, in the report for March 1998 there were 34 Special Pioneers

    WIth the cost of Petrol at up to say 108p per litre, that is about £4.86 per gall = around $7.80 - I wonder how the British Specials will survive?

  • dissed

    Under the Classified Ads:

    Wanted: JW Special Pioneers

    This is a unique opportunity to be associated with the JW's, the happiest people on Earth, outside of Disneyland.

    Are you willing to spend long hours of worthless and meaningless work with little pay? Would you like the satisfaction of knocking endlessly on doors that no one answers? Are you up to rigerous challenges that may ruin your health? Then JW special pioneering may be just the job for you!

    Great work place enviroment. Meet and work with like minded people who haven't a clue of what they are doing. Listen to interesting workmates that love to judge and ridicule others.

    Superior 'on the job' trainning. Learn to say with a straight face, the end is near and smile as you wish strangers to have a nice day. Free weekly education seminar instruction that teaches you to speak directly from a sheet, a simple door to door presentation.

    If you got what it takes, a vibrant, lemming like personality, that can't see to far into the future, then we may want you on our team.

    This job has no benefits. Only those with good health may apply. May require you to give up all ties to your immediate family.

    Send 1/4 page resume to: WT Inc - Brooklyn, NY 11201 Attention: Special needs procurement dept.

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