More evidence that WTS is hurting for $$$ - change to special pioneer mileage reimbursement

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  • jah1914

    No offense, but has anyone seen or have a scan of the letter?

  • sir82

    I have it, or at least a copy of it, but don't have a scanner.

  • dissed


    I also agree, the WTS wants them gone and would love to see the SP on their own quit. I really don't see a need for them anymore and if I don't then the GB doesn't. lol

  • isaacaustin

    Can a special pioneer also have a job?

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Special Pioneers should report that they drive this:

    and then actually drive this:

    And also take OTWO's advice about the full-time job and bogus field service hours.


  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane

    Either they're hurting for money or their GREED is steadily increasing...

    Take for example the January 3, 2013 BOE letter (that Atlantis posted recently)...

    In order to allow special pioneers, traveling overseers, etc. to attend the 2014 International Assemblies, they are basically asking congos worldwide to fork over $.15USD X 17 months X # of active publishers... Now, $.15 per month is obviously no big deal for any publishers (even in most underdeveloped countries). However, assuming only 5,000,000 publishers are counted for purposes of this collection... that's roughly $12,750,000 USD. Again, this is just a conservative estimate... The real amount will likely be somewhere in the $15M to $18M range... Possibly even more.

    Now let's assume 4,000 special pioneers, traveling overseers, etc. actually qualify (because they DO have to qualify first) to get their travel expenses paid for; and assuming those travel expenses average around $3,000 per dub (which is obviously way too high)... That's still only $12,000,000...

    So, by May 2014, they stand to pocket (at the very least), $6,000,000 free and clear... Now, according to the January 2013 BOE letter, whatever is left over will go back into (you guessed it) the "Worldwide Work" fund. Wait... isn't that the fund that gets all the surplus contributions? And isn't this the fund that's suppose to pay for ex-pat j-dub travel expenses? Something doesn't quite add up here... I'm sure quite a few j-dubs have already done the math and realized there will definitely be plenty of money left over...

    just saying...

  • blondie

    The WTS ran a special donation arrangment every year that they had international conventions (not every one that year, just "special" ones) where they had special pioneers and missionaries brought back to visit their home or the convention closes to their home. I understand they have to be in their assignment for 5 years before the WTS would pay their way home for a visit. But still the WTS would have a special campaign for the money that they had already promised.

    *** km 3/93 p. 7 Announcements ***

    A letter from the Society dated February 14, 1992, and addressed to all congregations announced a 1993 Convention Fund for helping missionaries visit their home country and attend one of this year’s district conventions. March will be the last month for sending contributions to the Society for this 1993 Convention Fund. Your generous support of the arrangement is very much appreciated.

    *** yb70 p. 47 1970 Yearbook of Jehovah’s Witnesses ***

    The Society arranged through the generous gifts of Jehovah’s witnesses around the world to assist the missionaries to return home once more and to attend the convention nearest their home. Thus it seemed only proper that we should have a missionary dinner, to which all missionaries in active foreign service could be invited.

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