Our UK Friends Are Buried!

by zoiks 30 Replies latest jw friends

  • zoiks

    I see that you have a lot of snow! Should we do a roll call? A head count?

    I hope you're all ok!

  • jookbeard

    we're ok you the whole of Europe have had this front come in from Siberia, nothing like what you guys get , but most of the UK covered.

  • cantleave

    Yep we're OK here. Built a snowman and snow-woman, had a snowball fight with the kids and helped a neighbour get his car of the road. Busy morning.

  • llbh

    Nah, do not worry, we in the UK talk about the weather whatever the time of year. That being said we are having a long hard winter.

    Thanks for your concern though.


  • fokyc

    We are OK, just have 6 inches of Snow, can't get the vehicle out of the place,

    but have enough of everything for at least a week.

    Keeping nice and warm.

    Some have been out all last night stuck on the roads!


  • nugget

    Hubby took 3 hours to get home yesterday but all here safe and warm. Took a quick stock check of the cupbaords so will be ok for a few days. Too early for Red Cross parcels. School closed so fabulous fun for all.

    Watching day time tv and making soup.

    I love snow days

  • creativhoney

    snow is pretty but we in the UK just arent equipped for it.

    we dont have enoug grit they end up closing the motorwayas and the shops and schools and you just feel completely stranded.

    I have cabin Fever. Im fed up of it now after 2 weeks, I want a thaw.

  • quietlyleaving

    all I can say is that its the kind of weather you watch from the window whilst eating bacon, mushrooms and tomato.

    Mind you we have been out in the snow today and hope to go out again before daylight disappears over the horizon.

    we've had severe weather warnings. Today our borough council put a letter through the door to say they want to come and insulate the building. There is also talk that we are about to run out of heating fuel over this period. I'm already wearing my hat , gloves and woolly socks whilst indoors and I'm trying to picture what I'd have to put on if fuel does run out. I think I'll probably have to jump up and down on the spot to keep warm.

  • snowbird

    It's cold in Alabama, also.

    Freezing rain and snow for tomorrow.


  • BurnTheShips

    Down here in S Florida, it is cold! I actually had ice on my car!!!


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