Our UK Friends Are Buried!

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  • four candles
    four candles

    It's not bad. Only 6" or so...even an inch and this country grinds to a halt!!! I remember it being up to my waist and still went to school,buses and trains still ran,no hold ups and no shortages in the shops.

    I can't understand whats happened. But we're ok here in Wales. Thanks for your concern Zoiks you're a good 'un!!

  • zombie dub
    zombie dub

    its a pain here, not that much snow but roads very very slippy and its a nightmare to drive

  • wobble

    Don't take too much notice of the Media, three snowflakes and an ice-cube and the whole of Britain grinds to halt.

    It is chucking down abit of the white stuff, but we will be O.K



  • Robdar

    Another 4-5 inches are expected in Kansas City. The Christmas snow still hasn't melted so the approaching storm is going to wreak havoc. Oh, and it's miserable cold here. I am worried about the feral colony of cats I manage. I built them little mangers full of straw and bought them a dog house. I stuffed the dog house with straw too. I hope they survive the next week or so.

    Be safe everybody!


  • jambon1

    We've had it here in Scotland for 3 weeks now.

    The English need to 'man up' a bit!


  • parakeet

    There's still snow left on the ground after the 24 inches of snow the Washington D.C. area received the week before Christmas. I was visiting my son then. It snowed for 48 hours. They didn't know how to handle that much snow. The drivers were pretty helpless, too.

    But even that doesn't compare with the winter of '95/96, when blizzard after blizzard piled up close to five feet of snow in the Northeast U.S.

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    From Russia with love LOL!

    We've got around 12" here. The council are low on salt so are only treating the major roads. It's very hilly here so even the small amount of snow on other roads causes serious problems.

    It's a bit nippy - about -10C (14F)! Brrrrrr!!

  • slimboyfat

    Well there is not much snow here I have to report. As usual the east coast gets the best of it.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Just like the winters I remember as a child.

  • nelly136

    couple of inches of snow, but its only the tiny flakes cos its so cold, needless to say its the main headline on the news....'could be coldest winter in a century' blah blah

    as usual theyve under prepared and understocked the grit which would help till it goes below a certain temperature but hey ho nothing unusual about that. the supermarket has obviouly been hit by the deliverys going down and the usual panic buying cos there was naff all there tonight.

    my car now has a couple of sheets of polystyrene stuffed under a rug and down the front of the radiator under the bonnet cos the poor lil thing really doesnt like the cold.

    other than that it makes a change from rain.

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