TONS of changes in the organization

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  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    I've really enjoyed all these changes! The Organization is also leaving a whole bunch of decisions up to the individual's conscience. It's great!

    I see it as evolving into a more democratic religious system more and more. Wonderful! I feel much more comfortable in it these days, than ever before.


  • cantleave

    DY - are you being sarcastic? If not please explain.

  • Bangalore

    I wonder whether the Watchtower will ever become more mainstream?


  • iMARX

    Yeah, my thoughts exactly cantleave - DY should explain lol

  • sir82
    Any other ones I've missed that are fairly recent past year or 2?

    Definition of "generation" changed again - and per personal notes from those who attended the Annual Meeting last October, may be changing again!

    The "selection of new anointed ended in 1935" doctrine got completely dropped - heaven's door has opened again! 2000 or so new Memorial partakers over the past 2 years.

    College is once again demonized as evil, after a 10 or so year hiatus in which it was grudgingly tolerated. Though I guess that one goes back 4 or 5 years.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I'm interested in the conscience comment too.

    I highly suspect it is yet another example of mind-speak and thought/behavior control.

    While they say things are left to the individual's conscience what they really mean is they leave it to a properly trained conscience = following the party line and doing what the WTS tells you to do which of course they don't but then they really do but say they don't.

    Are you confused? That is what they are counting on. They need a legal loophole and this is a huge one.

  • Walkin

    Also, when was the last time they had a meatier study on the king of the north? How about the Watchtower theme on the front cover page, "Announcing Jehovah's Kingdom." When was the last time they had a meat and potatoes study on their theme text? Now it's all mash potatoes, pablum, spoon feeding the changes. All directed to the rank and file.

    What happened to the information on,"This Good News 0f The Kingdom Will Be Preached To All The Inhabited Earth," what "GOOD NEWS?" The Watchtower is slowly building "A Wall Of China" around themselves. We are in, the world is out.


  • Finally-Free
    The Organization is also leaving a whole bunch of decisions up to the individual's conscience. It's great!

    Yes, like voting. In 2003 I showed my ex a watchtower article that said voting was a matter of conscience. She said that I should know better; that the society just phrased it that way for legal reasons and that voting was still wrong and could get one DF'd. In short, she acknowledged that there were unwritten or unofficial rules in addition to the "official" ones, and that violating an unwritten rule (or conscience matter) could get one's ass thrown out the door just as quickly.


  • JeffT

    Lots of things are up to your conscience, you're free to make any choice you want. Of course they're going to kick you out one or another and tell all your family and friends to stop speaking to you, but hey, that's your decision!

  • dissed

    Field service reporting....

    15 minutes keeps you a pub

    Both parents count family bible study time

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