TONS of changes in the organization

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  • EndofMysteries

    New songbook - removing all the old teachings and anything saying new world or new order

    No more bookstudies - (so no small indepedent comments, only brief congregationwide so not much discussion)

    Bible reading talk can 'read' only, no introduction or conclusion - again not allowing any input or thought

    Talk #4 - recommended only for elder or MS, as they are given a title but must make their own talk, and need to keep it controlled.

    New 'private' watchtower for study - the past year, I've noticed EVERY WT is hammering the [email protected] yet is silent on the placed WT and also nothing about 1914.

    I am actually getting angry the more I see how shameless this stuff is going on now.

    Any other ones I've missed that are fairly recent past year or 2?

    Must be stuff going on for all of a sudden all these control changes.

  • Bangalore

    Awake is now a monthly magazine.

    The title PO is changed to COBOE.


  • finallysomepride

    What it's becoming easier to be a JW?

    I might have to go back, give me something to do on sundays

  • finallysomepride

    Did I just say that?

    Like bloody hell I am, wash my mouth out with costic soda.

    have to go and clean my key board.

  • teel

    The lowering of required hours was not so long ago (not sure when exactly). The sunday talk was also shortened a couple of years ago, used to be longer. There are two trends here: making a JWs life generally easier, and tightening the control. Probably they're related to each other.

    Also, what's up with removal of "new world" or "new order" terms? JWs here are still using those in informal talks... and I don't remember a specific "new light" on that.

  • blondie

    According to this quote, sisters as well as brothers who are neither MS or elders can be assigned to the #4 talks not marked with an asterisk. If there was a change it had to have happened in 2008 or 2009. Does anyone have written quotes for that?

    *** km 10/07 p. 3 Theocratic Ministry School Schedule for 2008 ***ASSIGNMENT NO. 4: 5 minutes. The student should develop the assigned theme. When no references are indicated as source material, the student will need to gather material for this part by doing research in our publications. When assigned to a brother, this part should be given as a talk with the Kingdom Hall audience in mind. When a sister is given this part, it should always be presented as outlined for Assignment No. 3. The school overseer may give a brother Assignment No. 4 whenever he sees fit to do so. Please note that themes with an asterisk next to them should always be assigned to brothers to develop as talks. If there are more than enough elders and ministerial servants in your congregation to handle the various parts on the Theocratic Ministry School and Service Meeting, then it is preferred that themes with asterisks be assigned to an elder or a ministerial servant whenever possible.

  • zoiks

    There are two trends here: making a JWs life generally easier, and tightening the control. Probably they're related to each other.

    I am morbidly fascinated with where it's all going. I think I'm getting my family out not a moment too soon!

  • freetosee

    what does coboe stand for?

  • EndofMysteries

    They are secretly doing it, but I've caught on. You'll see New World and New Order all replaced with simply paradise. I guess they thought that since new world order and NWO, etc, are all mentioned and spoken of by the beast and it's associates, also those who claim a secret group is trying to take over the world and make a one world government and religion, they realized they labeled themself part of it with those terms and trying to cut ties to them prior to it becoming everyday language for everyone as things get worse in the world.

    Trying to erase history, cover up tracks, and get more control so history isn't spread and taught to others lol.

  • Bangalore

    Coboe = Coordinator Of The Body Of Elders


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