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  • zoiks

    Are there any posters here who also read and/or post on the forums at It seems as though a large number of XJWs post there. There are some really good and thought provoking points made, from a slightly different perspective.

    Just wondering!

  • freewilly01

    Just reading the God Delusion very meaty reading, love his perspective that being an Atheist is a very honorable thing. Considering how many people have been affected negatively by religion.

    I particularly like his view on children that there is no such thing as Muslim children or Christian children, they are way too young to decide where they stand on religion...................I know that's one of the reasons I left. I just couldn't stomach manipulating a little mind like I had to it just felt wrong!

    Proud to say at this time that I am Atheist................ how about U?

    P.S. You read my mind I was going to post a similair Post........ interested in the replies

  • cry

    My sons in London have just gone to a talk with Richard Dawkins and they said it was absolutely fantastic and were extremely impressed with his argument for the non-existance of God.

  • RubaDub

    I've never been on his forum but I used to watch him when he hosted Family Feud.

    Rub a Dub

  • dudeson

    I'm not on there YET. I'm currently reading The God Delusion and I can't seem to put it down.

  • zoiks

    freewilly01 - I haven't read the God Delusion yet, but his popular scientific books are great. I am leaning heavily towards atheism, but I really don't want to be labeled as anything right now. Atheism is not a stance that I currently take; it just reflects my current non-belief in god. If that makes any sense.

    cry - he is quite eloquent, I am sure that it must have been a pleasure to speak with him.

    RubaDub - lol, I had forgotten about that Dawson guy! Too funny...

  • slimboyfat

    Could you give a link to a good thread from over there?

  • jaguarbass

    I have read the God Delusion.

    I am waiting to recieve the Greatest Show on Earth.

    I want to read all of Dawkins books so I dont miss anything.

    But what I find is Dawkins is like a JW.

    He tells you what is wrong with religion, all the other religions.

    Except his religion.


    The kind of Science that you cant prove with the scientific method.

    The kind of Science that is all theory and conjecture.

    Dawkins can be as correct as the Witnesses, the Baptist, the Catholics.

    Its the part that hes not right about that makes him wrong.

    I like Dawkins dont get me wrong and for someone like me I have to read him to uncover

    all the stones.

    But at 57 years old I have a feeling I am not going to know the answer to this

    great mystery while I am a live.

    Oh I can know the answer in a JW, Richard Dawkins kind of way.

    But I am talking about the real answer with no holes, no conflicts all the ducks in a row.

    I dont think man gets that answer in this life.

    If you want to have the peace that comes from God you have to be child like and

    simple at least in your thought processes regarding God and origens.

    Richard Dawkins is a materialist, He doesnt allow for beings, entities in other dimensions.

    So his view and explanations are limited to only what can be seen touched or known

    as of today.

    To me there is a strong posibility that there is something or someone interacting with man

    that we cant see or put in the test tube.

    But I have read and will continute to read Dawkins and give him 2 thumbs up for presenting his views.

    The thought goes through my mind that after reading Dawkins you will be left like you were

    when you left the witnesses empty and you will have a long list of ideas and theories that

    dont hold water.

    You will know why everybody else is wrong for having the peace that they have.

    But does that give you or me peace?

    I would like to be like the bible says be either hot or cold.

    I would like to be hot for Dawkins and atheism, evolution.

    I would like to be hot for God and creation.

    But hot for either would be just like being a witness on fire for some idea

    and ignoring all the discrepancies and conflicts.

    The devil is always in the details

    That leaves me like a cork bobbing in the ocean this way and that.

    My studies on happiness say delude yourself into believing what you know isnt

    true so you can have peace.

    I can choose from the God Delusion.

    Or the Atheist delusion.

    Which delusion makes more happy chemicals in my brain?

    Cold hard reality.

    Or that I have a benevolent maker, provider and God.

  • zoiks

    Could you give a link to a good thread from over there?

    Well, here is a thread that hits fairly close to home. It is interesting to read the reactions of various individuals to this person's story.


  • The Scotsman
    The Scotsman

    Alot of good points jaguarbass

    Richard Dawkins is incredibly self centered and arrogant as far as I am concerned - which does not help his cause!

    I also think he gets to much publicity - he is held in almost godlike status by some.

    He will be loving it of course - cha ching - ££££££££££

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