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  • zombie dub
    zombie dub

    jaguarbass, you are not seeing this clearly - you are assuming science is like another religion, but it isn't. The difference is science completely admits it does NOT know the answers for sure, this is why everything in science is a theory. Religion on the other hand, as you said, says it is correct and everything else is wrong.

  • zoiks

    Scotsman - your opinion on Dawkins sums up the way many feel about him. I personally enjoy his writing style - it is very engaging. I think that the rise in popular culture of a figure such as Dawkins is an unfortunate necessity in light of the breathtaking level of ignorance about basic science, especially biology. His public persona seems to reflect a high level of annoyance at this ignorance.Could he stand to turn down the "arrogance level"? Of course he could.

    In any case, there is a lot of good information at the forums, if anyone gets the time to check it out. There are also many former JWs with very interesting things to say.

  • wobble

    Good point ZD,

    and science welcomes new theories,religion seems to hate change,apart from the WT,they change regularly, it must not come from outside though,only the GB can see Noo Lite.

    there are some ,like Dawkins, who do not like their view being challenged,witness the derision anyone is held in who does not support the current orthodoxy on evolution, and that is not a true scientific attitude,any theory is good until a better one comes along.



  • GromitSK

    I found the God Delusion strong on bashing organised religion (which gets my vote) but weak on the evidence for or against the existence of some kind of God. I think sometimes people confuse Atheism with the rejection of organised religion which of course isn't necessarily the same thing at all. I couldn't see much in Dawkins' book that hadn't been said a thousand times before.

    As an aside - someone above said "everything in science is a theory" - no it isn't science relies on observation, replication and investigation. There certainly are many things that scientists seek to explain by theories but there are also many aspects of science where the mechanisms are pure fact and not subject to theory. Also 'Science' (whatever one means by that) may accept that it doesn't know everything however individual scientists have vested interests in their own areas of expertise and sometimes do not accept new information readily - one method they use to reject it is ridicule.

    Planck's second law: (science progresses one funeral at a time).

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    i believe

  • Guest with Questions
    Guest with Questions

    I just started reading The Dawkins Proof for the existence of God by Richard Barns. You can download it free from the following site.

  • d

    Yes I have read the God Delusion I absolutely loved it.The book was very well writen and it provides evidence and studies on many issues.One studie that it talks that I liked was the Prower of prayer and how prayer really does not help.I am hoping to read more of his books and gain a better insight into how God does not exist.One chapeter he discusses how children should not be labeled as Muslim child or Catholic child.I agree a child should make their own choice not have their parents beliefs shoved down their throat.By the way does anybody know Richard Dawkins Email address.I want to email him to say thank you for opening up my eyes and seeing that God is truly a myth,lie and a hinderance towards human progression.

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