Anyone leave the org without the help of the net?

by Miss Chievous 53 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Out at Last!
    Out at Last!

    I got out in 06 due to the hypocracy and the nonsense teachings. I should say I checked out mentally years before, walked away in 06. No net needed.

  • no more kool aid
    no more kool aid

    For me it was a slow mental exit that spanned over many years, finally went to my last meeting 5/2008. It was not until July of that year that I found this site and bought CoC. They just confirmed everything I observed over a life time. NMKA

  • VoidEater

    I had never heard of the Interwebz till 15 years after checking out.

    But until the Net I thought I might be one of a very teeny group to "fall away"!

  • Dagney

    Welcome to the board Miss Chievous! I look forward to your posts.

    I decided to leave, completely unplanned, after a moment of clarity during a Sunday WT study. The internet had no bearing whatsoever on my decision. I eventually looked at the Reform Blood website, which led me to a few other sites. I didn't join a community until 2 years later.

    I just knew it was the right thing to do. It was very hard, but I am eternally glad I did it the difficult and fast way.

  • Balsam

    I read very little on the internet until after I left the organization. I left because my 15 yr old son died as a result of refusing blood transfusions for him after a horrible accident that might have saved him. I and my husband had serious problems but that ended it and I left him and the religion.


  • Kenneson

    I left in 1966. There was no net yet.

  • beksbks

    Oh Balsam! I'm so sorry. I had not heard your story before.

  • RR

    Yep. There was no internet when I left. I did my research the old fashion way. The Library

  • LockedChaos

    Twas back in 1979

    when I left 'cause I thought I was right

    Then I became afraid I was wrong

    and they were right

    Ignored the feelings of doom and gloom

    and lived a life of disconnect with the

    world and everyone in it

    Decided to examine my faith (or lack of it)

    Almost (ALMOST) went back..................

    Purely out of fear and confusion

    Came to this forum

    Read Ray's books

    Read and studied daily

    5 - 6 hours a day for

    2 years.......................

    Then I was cured.............

    Dissonance gone

    Athiest in

    Peace at last

  • Opus92

    I didn't actually start doing any internet research abut JWs until after I was long gone. I was disillusioned enough with Jehovah that just doing research on other religions did it for me.

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