Anyone leave the org without the help of the net?

by Miss Chievous 53 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I left in 85, long before I got on the internet.

    I left due to abuse by my elder/husband. I still believed for another 10 years until I did get on the internet. That changed everything.

  • scotinsw

    I did at the end of 2008. Knew deep down I didn't believe any of it but never activley sought out information until about April 09. What I discovered after I started reading this forum made me know that I would never ever return.

  • Ilovebirthdays

    I didn't use the internet, either.

    I left in 1998, and it wasn't so much a "these people are totally wrong" decision as it was an "I hate being a JW so much I'd rather just die at Armageddon decision". It didn't take me long to decide that maybe they were wrong and maybe I wasn't going to die, and it took about a year for me to realize that they definitely were crazy and there wasn't a chance that I would die at the hands of a God named Jehovah. I never made it onto an "apostate" site until sometime last year and found out how much proof there was of their fallacies, but deep down inside, I've never believed that Jehovah was a god of love, and that was enough for me to not believe.

  • Quillsky

    I left. Then the internet confirmed I'd made the right move.

  • cry

    I left on my own in 1984 as I could not condone the violence that would take place at the big A and was disgusted by the lack of true love in the congregation. It was totally my own decision and I never regarded myself as an Apostate at all as I wasn't interested in persuading others to join me. Was surprised when my MIL asked me if I had been 'speaking' to anyone.

  • etna

    I've left on my own and faded and felt guilty about it (alot of family still in). But I realize how wrong the jw's are after reading alot on the net.


  • freewilly01

    Didn't have the NET,,, had the Gut!

  • shamus100

    No net... just common sense that the flying spaghetti monster gave me... LOL.

    The net only confirmed it many years later. I still felt very guilty, the net helped me rid myself of the guilt. Oh, and counselling too. (the latter helped much more)

  • Caligula1

    Great posts everyone. Miss-C welcome to the board.

    Not the net. Library books. I actually researched "Books In Print" topic of Jehovah's Witness

    Then Crisis Of Conscience, recieved it on the last day of Summer School in Atlanta GA around 1987, in a very strange fashion. I cried for days...and weeks. I was raised a JW from birth.

  • lifelong humanist
    lifelong humanist

    Miss Chievous

    Interesting post.

    I DAd in 2003 as I came to the conclusion that there 'probably is no god'and realized that i was a humanist. It wasn't easy. My wife is still in the JW cult. The good news, though, is that our 4 sons are all out of the mind-control and leading good lives.

    In my opinion, anyone tempted by the false dreams of becoming JWs that researches JWs online, and, despite the warnings believes that JWs have the 'truth' are just kidding themselves. I hope that internet, or library based, research will speed up the exit of many countless, gullible people that have been already been conned into joining and becoming baptized members. For them, the shunning policy will/can be very hard to bear - but 'doing the right thing' isn't easy!

    lifelong humanist

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