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  • Will Power
    Will Power

    WT Oct 15/58 pg 640
    "If you value your life and that of your family you will obtain this striking and stimulating book and read it with your Bible. It contains absolute assurance that God's will be done on earth in our generation. Send 50c today."

  • RunningMan

    "Thinking people responded to the message of The Golden Age" - WT 1/1/94 p.21

    "Thinking people would rather have smallpox than vaccination, because the latter sows the seed of syphilis, cancers, eczema, erysipelas, scrofula, consumption, even leprosy, and many other loathsome affections. Hence the practice of vaccination is a crime, an outrage and a delusion." - GA 05/01/29 p502

    For several decades, the society went on a rampage against aluminum, writing over 130 articles on the subject. Aluminum was blamed for the following health problems: head pain, gas, heart and lung cancer, brown spots, stomach trouble, ulcers, cerebrospinal meningitis, anaphylactic shock, vomiting, dizziness, headache, heart attacks, blindness, kidney trouble, sores, tumors, tonsillitis, carbuncles, boils, paralysis, fainting spells, exhaustion, skin eruptions, asthma, hay fever, insanity, anemia, and "all manner of unhealth." - GA 1931 p374, 1935 p143, 1931 p558, 1932 p537, 1932 p126-7, 1934 p771-9, 1934 p803-11, 1936 p304.

    "The earlier in the forenoon you take a sunbath, the greater will be the beneficial effect, because you get more of the ultra violet rays, which are healing." - GA 09/13/33 p777.

    "Air baths are good for preventing colds. What you do is strip naked mornings and evenings and then bob up and down for a while." GA 02/10/26 p310.

    "Every bedroom should receive at least two hours of sunlight every day as this will kill tuberculosis and other germs." - GA 07/01/27 p643

    "The Journal of the A. M. A. is the vilest sheet that passes the United States mail.... Nothing new and useful in theraputics escapes its unqualified condemnation. Its attacks are generally ad hominem. Its editorial columns are largely devoted to character assasination.... Its editor [Morris Fishbein] is of the type of Jew that crucified Jesus Christ." - The Golden Age, September 26, 1934

    "While both homosexuality and bestiality are disgusting perversions, in the case of neither one is the marraige tie broken" - WT 1/11/72 p32

    "The white rulers of Britain have superior mental and moral abilities. Blacks however, are gaining ground." - Golden Age, May 5, 1926, p. 483.

    "There is no servant in the world as good as a good Colored servant, and the joy that he gets from rendering faithful service is one of the purest joys there is in the world." - Golden Age, July 24, 1929, p 702.

    "The secret of the greater intelligence and aptitude of the Caucasian undoubtedly in great measure is to be attributed to the commingling of blood amongst its various branches; and this was evidently forced in large measure by circumstances under divine control. It remains to be proven that the similar commingling of the various tribes of Chinese for several centuries would not equally brighten their intellects; and the same with the peoples of India and Africa." - Watch Tower, July 15, 1902:216.

    "The size of the nose, as also the size of the eyes, is not without significance. The small-nosed man cannot have a judicial mind, whatever his other excellencies may be. And a man whose nose upturns can no more be expected to administer justice than a pug dog can be expected to act as a shepherd." - GA 1/19/21 p. 224

    "The constellation of the seven stars forming the Pleiades appears to be the crowning center around which the known systems of the planets revolve....the Pleiades is the place of the eternal throne of God." - J. F. Rutherford, Reconciliation, 1928, p. 14.

    "... This measure is 1542 inches, and indicates the year B.C. 1542, as the date at that point. Then measuring down the "Entrance Passage" from that point, to find the distance to the entrance of the "Pit", representing the great trouble and destruction with which this age is to close, when evil will be overthrown from power, we find it to be 3416 inches, symbolizing 3416 years from the above date, B.C. 1542. This calculation shows A.D. 1874 as marking the beginning of the period of trouble; for 1542 years B.C. plus 1874 years equals 3416 years. Thus the Pyramid witnesses that the close of 1874 was the chronological beginning of the time of trouble such as was not since there was a nation-..." (Studies in the Scriptures, Vol 3 (1897 edition))

    "Thou wilt lengthen out leviathan [the locomotive] with a hook [automatic coupler] and a snare [coupling-pin] which will cause his toung [coupling-link] to drop down." (The Finished Mystery, 1917, p84-86)

    "When Uranus and Jupiter meet in the humane sign of Aquarius in 1914, the long-promised era will have made a fair start in the work of setting man free to work out his own salvation, and will ensure the ultimate realization of dreams and ideals of all poets and sages in history." (Watchtower 5/1/06 p130-1)

    "It may not be out of place to ask: What became of the garden of Eden? Scriptural proof is that it was surrounded by very high mountains... that it is and was in the vicinity of Mount Ararat,... which has since been hidden under perpetual snow. It does not seem reasonable that the Lord would have destroyed Eden; but it seems more reasonable that the Lord would have preserved it so that in His due time He will exhibit it to man.
    "Through His prophet Job, God said: "Hast thou entered into the treasures of the snow?" (Job 38:22) Doubtless Eden is one of the treasures of the snow preserved by the Lord in perpetual snow and ice. The inspired writer of the Scriptures declares that with the second presence of the Lord He will bring to light the hidden things of darkness. (1 Corinthians 4: 5) The Lord Jesus himself said: "For nothing is secret that shall not be made manifest; neither anything hid that shall not be known." Luke 8: 17.

    "Many have wondered how accidents would be avoided during Christ's kingdom, since we are told that nothing shall then hurt or destroy. Most accidents are due to gravitation and its effects. Falling from airplanes... etc., may be avoided by an individual negative gravity device.
    "Scientists tell us that there is enough atomic energy in a finger-nail to propel a battleship. The people of the future may carry a little of this energy around with them, and if they fall down an elevator shaft they can let themselves down easy. Then they can turn a little more on and go back up. ... No danger of falling down stairs then." (Golden Age, March 24, 1926, p. 404)

    "Is it proper for men to tip their hats to women?—G. S., Missouri.
    ...not only is patriotic significance given to this gesture as shown by its being done for the flag, but also religious significance is accorded to it in that Catholic men tip their hats when they pass the Catholic church...Man and woman were not created equal in power and glory; the man came first and was given special prerogatives...But in his world Satan has reversed matters. Starting in Eden, he has pushed the woman ahead of the man, exalted her above man and used her to bring about the downfall of men dedicated to Jehovah. He has flouted God by reversing the position of the sexes. But he is very subtle about it, camouflaging his work under the guise of harmless custom. Many customs are harmless, but when they contradict a theocratic principle Satan is behind it to discredit God. He is a past master at such deception. (2 Cor. 11:14) In this particular matter of hat-tipping he appeals to the vanity of women and the so-called gentlemanly qualities of men, and any man who does not comply with the subtle custom is considered crude and discourteous, disrespectful of womanhood. So out of a fear of what others may think the majority fall into conformity...It is not good to flatter people, to turn their head; it is to their harm. Specifically, why would a woman want this special show of respect from a man? ...What custom does exist whereby women show respect to men? The absence of any is not just by chance, but is by satanic design to untheocratically elevate the woman above the man...Open or subtly disguised creature worship and exaltation will have no place there. It has no place with true Christians now." (WATCHTOWER 1952 4/15 p254-5 Questions from Readers)

  • Will Power
    Will Power

    Thanks running man

    "We should eat and digest and assimilate what is set before us, without shying away from parts of the food because it may not suit the fancy of our mental taste...

  • butalbee

    it-2 244-5 Lie ***

    The opposite of truth. Lying generally involves saying something false to a person who is entitled to know the truth and doing so with the intent to deceive or to injure him or another person. A lie need not always be verbal. It can also be expressed in action, that is, a person may be living a lie... While malicious lying is definitely condemned in the Bible, this does not mean that a person is under obligation to divulge truthful information to people who are not entitled to it. [Emphasis added]

  • Will Power
    Will Power

    This is not a quote (but I am saying it)
    Definition of a lie is the reason that these ones become "unusual suspects." What can you believe? Like a kid walking home from school, approached by a stranger (but a nice looking one) "come with me, I have some candy...
    real life, scary.

  • butalbee

    Watchtower, Sep. 1 1961, Page 564

    "Moral insanity, sexual perversions, repression, inferiority complexes, petty crimes - these often follow in the wake of blood transfusion

  • LDH


    Too good to let go. Where's Focus?


  • Gozz

    Thank you butalbee. Here is the full paragraph containing that quote. again, Watchtower will quote any moron to support their dumb arguments. It's from the Wachtower of September 15, 1961, page 564.

    *** w61 9/15 564 Using Life in Harmony with the Will of God ***
    16 When the Israelites were preparing to enter the Promised Land, Jehovah moved Moses to repeat to them his law forbidding the consumption of blood. As recorded at Deuteronomy 12:25, he said: “You must not eat it, in order that it may go well with you and your sons after you, because you will do what is right in Jehovah’s eyes.” An edition of the Pentateuch edited by J. H. Hertz has a footnote on that expression “that it may go well with you,” which says: “Ibn Ezra suggests that the use of blood would have a demoralising effect upon the moral and physical nature, and pass on a hereditary taint to future generations.” The point is an interesting one, and that it may apply in the matter of blood transfusions is testified to by medical doctors. For example, in his book Who Is Your Doctor and Why? Doctor Alonzo Jay Shadman says: “The blood in any person is in reality the person himself. It contains all the peculiarities of the individual from whence it comes. This includes hereditary taints, disease susceptibilities, poisons due to personal living, eating and drinking habits. . . . The poisons that produce the impulse to commit suicide, murder, or steal are in the blood.” And Dr. Américo Valério, Brazilian doctor and surgeon for over forty years, agrees. “Moral insanity, sexual perversions, repression, inferiority complexes, petty crimes—these often follow in the wake of blood transfusion,” he says. Yet it is acknowledged in the public press that organizations whose blood supply is considered reliable obtain blood for transfusion from criminals who are known to have such characteristics. Certainly no one who is trying to depart from the works of the flesh and use his life in the way that God directs through his Word is going to lay himself open to such a ruinous future.—Rom. 12:2; Eph. 4:22-24.

  • The Quiet One

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