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  • Will Power
    Will Power

    OK one more
    Qualified to be Ministers pg 158 study 40

    The very latest information on bible manuscripts, archaeological findings, and, yes, even scientific knowledge....

    (punctuation - original)

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    Lisa and Thinker:

    Thanks, both of those sites are great resources!


  • TR


    The quotes are from David Reed's book, "Index of Watchtower Errors"

    I guess I should have posted the source, but the real source is the WTS.

    I've got the "Dictionary of Watchtower Documents", but I've not even looked at it yet. I also have the "Harvest Truth DataBase". Both cd's and the book I bought from Most of the JW material I have, I bought from Freeminds. THANKS TO RANDY WATTERS!


    "YK is his name, false prophecy is his game"

  • Will Power
    Will Power

    There is a dear old gentleman, not JW who has all these originals (even stuff from 1800's) who lives near by.
    For $10. you get about 1 3/4" of 2 sided photocopies
    and for people who don't believe it til they see it, it is not the national enquirer.

  • TR


    The old guy you speak of, what is his interest in the WTS? Family, or is he just fascinated with weird-ass religions?


    "YK is his name, false prophecy is his game"

  • oscartheduck

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    The Watchtower, April 15, 1928, p. 126 "As every one knows, there are mistakes in the Bible "

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    ..."through his prophet Ezekial, Jehovah foreshadowed the office of a servant, designating him as one clothed with linen, with a writers inkhorn by his side who was delegated to go throughout the city...
    The man who filled that office,by the Lords grace, was Brother Russell..the office of 'that servant' has been filled by Brother Russell. This is not man worship by any means"...
    WT May 1, 1922 page 132.

    ...."The insistence that Russell had been 'that servant' led many to regard Russell in what amounted actually to creature worship....
    this attitude caused Rutherford to root out any elements of creature worship that might be left in the organization"...
    JW in the DP page 69.

    But really, youd have to be leary of any church that was run by a bloke called "Judge" Rutherford...wouldnt ya?
    What a wanker.

    Burn Rutherford. Burn!

  • thinker

    (Conducted by Brother Russell)
    July 1915

    Question.--If the I.B.S.A. (international bible students assoc.) headquarters should promulgate methods not understood or approved by us are we to apply Rev. 18:4, "Come out of her, My people," and if so, how?

    Answer.--I think if the I.B.S.A. can be shown to be a section of Babylon, we all ought to get out of it.

    The word "Babylon" signifies, "confusion," and in Revelation 18:4, it is used in reference to mixing the things of God and of men.

    There would be nothing to come out of, as an organization, if one is an International Bible Student. You cannot get out of anything you have not gone into. If any one can tell me how he got into Babylon by getting interested in the affairs of the WATCH TOWER BIBLE AND TRACT SOCIETY, let him show me how he will jump out, and I will jump with him.

    "We do not dedicate ourselves to a religion, nor to a man, nor to an organization" {WT 1966 603}

    Do you understand that your dedication and baptism identify you as one of Jehovah's Witnesses in association with God's spirit-directed organization?" {WT Apr 15 1987 12}

  • Will Power
    Will Power

    Sorry TR had a bit of a nap there.
    Thanks for asking
    He has been "proclaiming the dangers" for over 40 years
    Not sure what his personal story is. I know he keeps a copy of the constitution or bill of rights or something like that in his pocket.
    I was given his # by a friend a few years back when I was looking for help.
    If it wasn't for him and this board, don't know where I'd be.

  • drahcir yarrum
    drahcir yarrum

    So what condemns the WTS as a false religion? (not that there exists a "true" religion) It's own words of course. This thread is why this forum is exceedingly important to JW's who are beginning to have doubts. And why should we care? Most of us are good hearted people who want to help others avoid the pain and anguish that being associated with the WTS brings.

    By the way, if someone leaves the organization and joins another faith, I certainly don't condemn their decision. Most of the world's other religions, aside from Mormonism and Islam (among others), don't cause the adversity and family destruction that being a JW brings.

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