Should a Christian see the movie "AVATAR"?

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  • skeeter1

    I give the movie a 6.5 score. The scenery was wonderful, but the plot was not zipped up well. It sort of follows the story-line of "Dances with Wolves", but in space.


    I saw AVATAR, today. I kept thinking of whether a Jehovah's Witness should see it. Here's why I think the "Friends" would have a problem with it.

    First of all, the "good" aliens worship nature. They, mainly worship trees and in particular two trees. One, is this "Tree of Life" type thing (reminded me of Animal Kingdom at Disneyworld). It is like their home base. The other tree, rather a grove, looks like a weeping willow tree whose branches are like long lights. The lights carry the spirits of all the ancestors. Under this special tree, any dead being's soul can be transported into a new body. Around this Weeping Willow Christmas Tree, if you will, the group of aliens hold chanting/praying sessions where they sit cross legged and sway (a sceance of sorts). So, earth-type worship is alive and well in this movie. And, because it is the "good aliens" who are doing is glorified.

    Second, these "good aliens" are blue. They are like taller, leaner, better looking Smurfs.

    Third, there is a heavy petting (unseen fornication) scene, which obviously did not have any wedding ceremony beforehand.

    Fourth, the last 40 minutes are a terrible scene of war, destruction, murder, etc. It is terribly violent. Even I wanted it to stop.

    and Finally, the year is 2100's (can't remember the exact year). But, obviosly this is a false teaching as everyone knows that Armegheddon would have destroyed all the worldly people, including all the ex-Marines who are in this movie.

    I can't think of anymore reasons why a Christian should not see this movie. But, I'm sure the Friends will come up with many. For the same reasons that I did not see Star Wars.


  • mouthy

    Christians can ruddy well go see anything they want....It is up to them

  • skeeter1

    Hi Mouthy!

    Yes you are right.


    p.s. I am being coy by using "Christian".....just trying to write like a Bethel writer.

    p.s.s. Happy New Years!

  • OnTheWayOut

    I didn't read your reasons past the part where I got where you were showing how you were being coy about using "Christians" to mean "JW's."

    I have every intention of seeing this movie.

    Regardless of what you said, I hope JW's get that kind of stupid pressure from WTS. I hope their fun is squashed as much as possible by WTS so they will question why the f%ck they listen to WTS.

  • ldrnomo

    No Christians should see it that way it won't be crowded when I go to the theatre to see it.


  • finallysomepride

    Yes, everyone go see it.

  • Sam Whiskey
    Sam Whiskey

    Should a Christian see Avatar?

    (a) If you've got enough extra money for the movie, a drink and some popcorn, then NO. You should be handing it over to the Local Kingdom Hall / or Society as your "contribution"

    (b) If you've got the time to see the movie, then you're spiritually weak. You should rather be studying your WT and preparing for your weekly meetings. could be down at the local kingdom hall doing some vacuuming or something constructive with your time.

    So the answer is NO, NO, NO.

  • Out at Last!
    Out at Last!

    You didn't see Star Wars? Poor thing.

  • blondie

    It's not too late to see Star Wars

  • Satanus

    In my area, there was no problem seeing starwars, as a jw. I was there, the first day, in a long line up. I had read the book about 6 months before. I couldn't wait. But, i'll prolly wait to rent the avatar video. It's sure getting a lot of attention.


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