Circuit Overseer said from platform ,if you have ever done something and not confessed to Elders...going to die!!

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  • cameo-d

    Sounds like a Scientology audit. They want to keep records of all your illicit activities and gross sins. All of these cults keep intimate records on people. I am sure that one day all that information will be put to use against you...again.

    What I don't get is why do the dubs go along with it and confess any perceived misdeeds, knowing that it will get them kicked out and shunned?

    Are they really so naieve that they think they will be "counseled and forgiven" without doing penance?

  • flipper

    CAMEO-D- The J-dubs do this because they are hypnotized under cult mind control. That simple. They are controlled to think that if they confess- even IF they get DFed that it's better to come clean and be honest if they EVER want to apply for reinstatement back into the witnesses. They are SO CONTROLLED by fear of losing JW family still inside - that some of them will sacrifice being DFed for a couple , few years just to get back in to be able to talk to their family again. I know it sounds insane, which it is, but that is HOW the WT society trains and controls them. It's really twisted. They are like programmed robots

  • bobld

    I just love to hear a C.O. talk like that because brain dead sheep will go to the slaughter.


  • yknot

    .......lots of folks giving 12 hail WTS (12 hours of FS within a week for 10 weeks), and 10 our GBs (10 donations of $50 in ten weeks)......

    The old anti-RCC stuff is roaring loud in my head right now......(Gawd I am old!)

    I don't think I could keep myself from very loudly asking if we had become the that moment of dead silence following his announcements and wear the consequences like a badge of honor.......(that said supposedly our new CO is a 'nice guy')

  • frozen one
    frozen one

    I would have this tearful confession. "I preached that those who witnessed the return of Christ, the 1914 generation, would not pass away before the end would come. My gawd! I promoted a false prophecy!! Truly an abomination to Jehovah!!! I'm bird food!!!!"

  • WTWizard

    If you ever did anything wrong? What about "sins" committed before you even became witlesses--and that were so long ago that you don't accurately remember? I suppose this means a "sin" committed when you are only a day or two old cannot be forgiven unless you remember it accurately (do you remember every little thing you did when you were a day or two old?), confess it to the hounders, and have their blessings. And this includes "sins" committed in your dreams which many people can't even remember accurately!

    I would like to start with this hounder-hounder. If he doesn't confess EVERY LITTLE SIN HE EVER COMMITTED to the hounder-hounder-hounder, he should be removed and condemned to die. These sins include bad thoughts right from the moment of birth on. They also include hounding the hounders to turn in fake field circus times on behalf of people that didn't turn in a slip. This includes any actions whatsoever to protect any pedophiles in his congregation. This includes every little mistake he ever made as a hounder. This includes every yoctosecond he could have been out in field circus but was not. This includes every call he ever blew by saying the wrong word. This includes every boasting session he ever slept through part of. This includes every time he ever made driving mistakes (like doing 56 on a 55, a California stop, or running a red light that he didn't see). This includes every time he said a word that, according to the washtowel doctrine, was "bad". This includes every time a Christmas song ever got in his head, even for 1/10,000 of a second. This includes all the "That's my house when they die at Armageddon" thoughts.

    I refuse to confess anything to the hounders. They are going to have to waste the maximum amount of time to dig it up--what I want is for them to have to render an account to Jehovah, and die, because they didn't find every little Christmas light I have, every strand of loose tinsel, every cross ornament, and every one of my apostate posts online. They are also not getting confession about the Ouija board I bought (at that, on the REJECT Jesus Party day of 2006), or all the rap music I have in my collection. At least on this board I am not going to be censored and banned for doing those things, and I am not going to have my life ruined by the mods just for having sun-worship decorations up.

  • Rabbit


    " What I don't get is why do the dubs go along with it and confess any perceived misdeeds, knowing that it will get them kicked out and shunned?

    Are they really so naieve that they think they will be "counseled and forgiven" without doing penance?"

    Here a good answer that explains religion, some politics, racism and others:

    Creativity :: Groupthink

    "Groupthink" is a term used to describe a process whereby a group can make bad decisions even though each individual in the group may realize that the result is going to be bad.

    People have a strong need to feel accepted in a group. Whenever an individual participates in a group, it causes the other participants to react in some way. People want to be liked, so they tend to participate in a way that gains them acceptance. One way to gain acceptance is to be very agreeable and not rock the boat. When a bad or bland idea is introduced, very few people may challenge it. If nobody proposes a better idea, groupthink can result.

    Proposing a creative idea that differs from the group exposes the person and puts them in a vulnerable position. Nobody wants to fail in front of their peers or superiors. As a result, wild ideas are frequently self-censored or toned down to a level that is easily assimilated by the group. Unless there is a process that encourages wild ideas, they will seldom be introduced and groupthink can result.

    Groupthink can also occur if an idea comes from higher up in the corporate ladder. Nobody wants to disagree with their boss, even if they know that the boss's idea will fail.

    Brainstorming is a process that encourages wild ideas. This is one way to avoid groupthink.

  • Quandry

    Bet there was some juicy gossip for awhile as different ones went to "the room" and announcements were made!!

  • moshe

    Let's see, somehow they have secret sins, that the Holy Spirit has never revealed to any elder or JW, so they could be found out and now the elders want you to make it easy for them and make a public confession. I wonder what they will do with all the new pedophiles who confess?

  • freetosee

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    Thats exactly what I have always been taught! Especially when going through the baptism questions (om book) was that point strongly emphasized. It was then when I realized how much authority the elders really have. But since I understood it to be bible-based and that elders are appointed by holy spirit, I thought it was ok.

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