Circuit Overseer said from platform ,if you have ever done something and not confessed to Elders...going to die!!

by Lady Liberty 36 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • BluesBrother

    Seems that any fool who puts in the hours, can become a C/O these days.....

  • designs

    The COs seem to come in two flavors- Mean and Meaner these days.

    They use Armageddon like Fundamentalist Bible thumpers use the Fires of hell to keep the gullible in line...

    Doing a little good each day is a whole lot more productive, and a happier way to live...

  • MsDucky

    Can you imagine every man and woman getting up there and saying "I sinned in my mind (coveted) with Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt" (or whatever actor/actress that rocked their boat)!? That's nutz!

  • Violia

    I'm glad I am far enough away from all this that I can LOL at it. At one time I would have taken it seriously and believed that it was indeed Jah's spirit moving me and others to confess.

    Good one Mary. LOL

    The beatings with continue until morale (or morals) improve.

  • Violia

    lol at mary

    yes I agree with Jeff,

    Just shoot me now.

    A householder once told me they would rather be dead if only Jw's would inherit paradise. I so understand now.

  • Leprechaun

    "Elder Smelder," I would rather go to a Catholic Priest to confess my transgressions than to a pin headed Jehovah’s Witness elder trained by the corporate jelly brained governing body. Get a life all you lurkers, and wake up.

  • chickpea
    if you have ever done something and not confessed to Elders...going to die!!

    guess who's gonna die?

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