Circuit Overseer said from platform ,if you have ever done something and not confessed to Elders...going to die!!

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  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Hello everyone,

    Just had lunch with a inactive JW friend of mine who is well on her way out. She said that when the she went to the Kingdom Hall the week of the Circuit Overseers visit, he said from the platform, that if anyone had done any wrong doing in the past, no matter how long ago, and had never come forward to tell the Elders, then they would not make it into the New System, but would rather die at Armegedon!!

    I guess after that talk the Elders were ININDATED and they began privately, and publically reproving, and removing ones!! Among them, two regular pioneers were removed and reproved, and so was a Elder!!!

    ABSOLUTLEY AMAZING!!! I've heard of this happening before,for example in Grass Valley California!! Anyone else hear of this in their area??

    I am so glad I wasn't sitting in that audience!!! I bet EVERYONE was shaking in their boots!! Anyhow, just thought I would share!!


    Lady Liberty

  • VoidEater


    Sounds rather like another religion, one that the WTS has condemned time and again, oh, yeah, the Catholic Church, with their need to have a priest intercede for forgiveness.

  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    That is EXACTLY what came to my mind when I heard this!! This is the same Circuit Overseer that came to our home to DF us!! He is a total JERK!!!!! He is about in his 40's, so fairly young. Such a CREEP!!


  • dinah

    Wonder how they decided who would be privately and publicly reproved?

  • AllTimeJeff


    Let me put it this way, I knew me well enough to know that if I ever did grossly sin from the JW point of view, the last thing I would ever do was tell the elders. Having seen ridiculous JC's, I would rather be dead forever.

    That CO is going to get promoted.

  • foolsparadise

    LOL. Who Made him Judge, Jury and Exocutioner?

  • cantleave

    This was said a couple of years ago by a CO. We had a couple who confessed to having sex before they were married 6 years before.



    All the Good JW Lemmings..

    Walked into the WBT$ Ocean and Drowned..


    ...................... ...OUTLAW

  • pat1060

    Yes I have always heard that....If you don't confess you are blocking Jehovah's spirit.UN forgiveble....I have never understood that.Think they brought something like that up at the DC last summer.What if you did do something along time ago and if it came out it would cause so much wouldn't want to live any way.....Why can't dead dogs just stay dead?????

  • mouthy

    oh well I guess I am gonna live!!! Cos I confessed all my wrong doings before baptism
    All I can say is I guess the elders are not getting enough" Jollies "from the wife
    So they are needing to get it from all the sex things the kids will confess to ...
    I gave em a few before I got dunked,

    O.K. I will go to my room now

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