How do you feel about street people asking you for money

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  • I quit!
    I quit!

    About half of the freeway exits I get off at have someone there begging. In the past I felt they were only hitting me up for money to by drugs or booze so I rarely handed them any. In this economy I'm wondering if some of them aren't really in need of something to eat. I still don't want to hand out money but I'm thinking about caring some food and water to give them. Even if they are druggies I don't want them to go hungry. What do you think of this I idea?

  • mouthy

    I give to them... There was a guy standing at the lights with
    a sign that said " I am hungry it is not for drink or drugs"
    I handed him ten bucks ( my granddaughter was with me)& she always
    tells me not to talk to anyone as I embarrass her LOL
    If it is for drugs , my great grandson tried to hang himself a few weeks ago
    while he was stoned,,,, If your doing that God help you" !!!!( Much to my g.d red face)
    He asked the name of my Grandson ,Thanked me very much! said he would pray for him.
    If I am the fool,so be it, if not ,I felt it is in his court,
    I was with my Mother & sister a very long time ago in England visiting
    & some one was begging there ,I gave, My Mum & Sister told me I am responsible
    for making drug addicts worse, Or maybe even resposible for
    sending him to death because he must be a boozer..Who the hell knows???
    If I have it.I give....I do think some have hard times....

  • yknot

    I don't have this in my town.....

    However when I worked in the nearest city...... I often gave food or drinks (local reporter did an expose showing many panhandlers were earning hundreds of dollars a day....)

    Since then the city has changed the laws and many of these people are 'sponsored' by various businesses to sell cold water bottles or sodas for a buck.....the business sets up the seller for the first round or two than sells the drinks at wholesale price, the person pays for a permit, the 'seller' than vends his stash with a sign or banner advertising the store...... has an income, pays taxes etc......(A few newspapers also use them).

    Seems like a win win situation to me......

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    Mouthy, I once had a couple of guys come up to me not far from the Orange county jail. They told me they were just release and wanted to go to the pizza parlor across the street and have a beer. I thought well at least they're being honest and gave them enough for several beers each.

    I thought it was nice that the guy you met was going to pray for your grandson. Just because people are screwed up doesn't mean they aren't caring people. I'm glad your grandson wasn't successful. We had a family member who was able pull it off about three years ago. I'm sure his JW up bringing was partly responsible but Jdubs just can't see it. All is well in Watchtower world according to them.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I cannot tell the difference between many legitimate homeless and many scammers that fake the limp or the homeless act.
    Some rush-hour periods, they can actually figure on making about a buck every minute or two. That comes out to between 30 and 60 bucks an hour for a brief time.

    I even encounter many legitimate homeless people through work and I can't always tell the difference. Scammers are pretty good at it.
    I give to my family members that need help. I give at work when a cause to some family with a surgical need for their child or something like that comes up. Homeless people begging at the interstate ramp- giving food is an excellent idea. If they appreciate it, you did great. If they don't appreciate it, then why give them money? I do this sometimes.

  • mac n cheese
    mac n cheese

    That happened to me this morning. I offered to buy them food at the corner liquor store. As we walked in, I was informed that they needed cigarettes too. I said, "no, only food. It's my money." The liquor store only took Cash or ATM and I only had a credit card, so they ended up with nothing. Boy, was the street person PISSED! Started complaining that I should carry more than credit.

    I walked off in disgust, usually people are more than happy to take purchased food. But I did look over my shoulder all the way to my destination.

    Mac n cheese

  • VoidEater

    I don't have much to spare these days, but I got to know (to some degree) a couple guys that lived near me.

    I would run into one of them by a couple of fast food places down the street from me, he would always immediately buy some food, and feed his dog before eating himself. I made a habit of looking for him.

    But I avoid giving to the people at intersections, I don't like to encourage that specific behavior. Too dangerous, and interferes with traffic.

  • cameo-d

    I give something when I am approached directly. (But never at intersections. Those are professional panhandlers.)

    Once a lady asked me for help and I was going to give her some cash, but then she asked for a grocery store gift card. So I got her one. I have one on me now, just in case someone asks for $$. It's easy enough to carry a few grocery gift cards on hand to give out, too.

    I also give even when I am not asked.

    I have some bags made up that I keep on hand. Because these people cannot carry a lot of "stuff", I try to put in a few lightweight items I think they will be able to carry. I get babywipes and divide the box, putting a stack of wipes in plastic zip locks. One of the worst needs the homeless have is a way to get clean. Also, I put in a small bag with a few q-tips and dental floss. Also good to pack are tea bags, individual instant coffee or hot chocolate, some dog biscuits (many of them have dogs!!), emergen-C (vit. C drink)...just some little things.

    When I am going out, I will pack a few oranges, grapefruits, tangerines, pecans, fresh boiled eggs....whatever I have......and I will have those on hand to distribute.

    I know I will encounter some of the homeless every time I go out because there are more and more of them all the time. I think one thing everyone can give is a few minutes of their time to talk to these people and show some concern and caring. Ask how they are doing and what they need. Include them as a part of the community. Encourage others in your neighborhood to help them a little in some way when they can.

    I have also had some ask for warm clothing. Especially when it is raining, many of these people have to walk around in wet clothes.

    What I would really like to do is find a way to help them do something so they can be productive with their time. I think that would be important to their self esteem and independence.

  • Nosferatu

    I don't give them anything. I bust my ass for my money. Our city has all kinds of programs to help the homeless and poor get on their feet. If they choose not to take advantage of those programs, then that's their problem.

  • xmkx

    I have that policy about any handing out I do with people on the street. No money, but if you're hungry or in need of some necessity I will do what I can to help you out with it. This way I'm not enabling anyone's drug or alcohol habit but I am making sure that I help those in need. I don't just get them a meal, either... I will also let them know about services in the area such as food banks, shelters, "soup" kitchens, etc. if I know of any. These things aren't always well advertised enough for those in need to know about them.

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