How do you feel about street people asking you for money

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Ultimately we each need to do what our conscience tells us.

    The sad thing is that sometimes those who need the help most are the working poor. These people work. They work hard, sometimes at 2 or more jobs and still they have a hard time making ends meet. They work part time at jobs that give them no benefits and pay only minimum wage. Or like Grace's grandson are self employed but the work has disappeared. And they are too proud too ask for help or they don't know what is available or where to go. They have fallen through the cracks.

    Grace, these are the people my heart goes out to. These are the ones who could benefit the most from food banks and perhaps community resources. I hope he finds the strength to pull himself up and accept the help either from the family or from the community that he really deserves.

  • JerkhovahsWitless

    I've had a situation similar to this happen to me and both of my parents at multiple gas stations in South Florida. It seems like half of the time I'm pumping gas at night, this happens.

    You're pumping gas and will be approached by someone. I've had both men and women approach me. The story is similar to something like this from every person so far.

    "Hey, I'm so sorry to ask. I feel so embarrassed. Do you have any money for gas? I'm trying to get home and my car ran out of gas. I don't have any money on me. Anything you can spare would be a big help." Sometimes "I'm out of work" "homeless" "living in my car" is thrown in there followed by a sad face.

    When I'm in a lazy mood, I give them change just so they'll go away. When I'm feeling a bit more frisky, I interrupt their sad story and finish it for them, followed by telling them I've heard their scam before. After they finish with me, they go to the next person and repeat the same load of BS to them.

    In downtown WPB I had a bum come up to me asking for money. I had no cash, felt bad for him and gave him what change I had. He suggested I go to the ATM to get some cash for him. Yeah, sure...

    So, at first I guess I was willing to give them spare change or a buck or two if I had it in my wallet. I genuinely felt bad for them. Now... not so much.

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