Think Of a Jehovah's Witness---What Pops Up In Your Head?

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  • minimus

    What connection do you make?

  • VIII









    I could go on and on. I was in touch with all my family this weekend. Hence my list.

  • minimus

    Good list!

  • minimus

    I think of ignorance.

    JWs almost pride themselves in being uninformed with politics, their neighbors, the world.

    The less they know, the better off they feel.

  • tresdecu

    I usually don't like to lump them all together in the negative, after all I am a "jehovah's witness" (of the concious class :-) I try to look for the good in people, yeah it's hard sometimes. But when I think of the average JW, I think of someone who is misguided, thinking that 'serving god' means sitting in a KH seat 2 days a week and putting in their 9.5 'hours', and quickly underlining some sentences in their WT on a sunday morning while the football game is on in the background. :-)

  • Walkin

    I wish that I could really sit down with them and go through the years of the history of the Watchtower Society. I wish that I could spare them the years of capitivity that they are and will continue to experience.

    I have empathy for them because I too was once like them.

    I am talking about the rank and file, the individuals who are reaching out for that "Carrot." I have no compassion for those in positions of power and abuse their positions knowing full well what they are doing.


  • Heaven

    Sadness. This is due to the damage caused in my family.

    Being mislead. They are so wrapped up with all that they have been promised, and the fear of not getting it, that they never did the due diligence to investigate if any of it was based on any shred of concrete evidence.

  • minimus

    I think they are a mix of gullible and idealistic. They close their eyes to what really is truth. They prefer fantasy.

  • wobble

    What popped into my head, pooped and popped out again.

    Dammit, they shat on me for 58 years, now you done gone and made 'em do it in my head !

    Actually it was the vision of this kid who gave my M.I.L a lift home the other week. he was just plain weird looking, his clothes were like a 1970's pensioners,and he had weird glasses on, and very short hair, not fashionably short, weird short.He was about 20.

    And guess what ? he was weird !!! I never looked like a Dub or a weirdo even when I was a Dub.

    God he was weird.



    ps is that how they turn them out now ? Weird ? At the Jehovah's Witness Assembly Hall , where they put them together from a kit marked "weird"

  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    Ignorant uneducated fools who are unknowingly manipulated by a deviously corrupt publishing corporation.

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