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  • Skimmer

    I was associated for a brief period in the early 1970s ending in 1973, and I will add my experience about the 1975 teachings of the WTBTS.

    When I read of the WTBTS trying to cover up their biggest prophetic failure and place the blame on the rank and file, I get a feeling which is similar, although certainly of lesser intensity, to that which must be felt by Jewish survivors of the Holocaust when confronted with those who say that never happened either.

    There was a gradient of intensity in the 1975/Big A teaching: lightly in _Awake_, more serious and foreboding in the _Wathctower_, more so in the _Kingdom Ministry_, and most of all at the weekly Service Meeting. It was like the WTBTS would only expose their wackiest ravings to those who had already bought into the earlier layers of the cult.

    What I read about 1975 was bad. What I heard from the platform was worse:

    1. It might happen sooner than summer/fall 1975; it could happen at any time.

    2. When it happened and you weren't baptized (and you were old enough to be baptized), then you were going to die.

    3. When it happened and you were doing something like enjoying an R-rated film or some other borderline activity, you were going to die as you couldn't count on any of the angels to pull you out of the destruction from above. Even if you had worked very hard in the field service and had an excellent record, one small indiscretion at the wrong time and you were out of the game.

    4. When it happened and you were disfellowshiped, then you would die.

    5. When it happened and you were on reproof, then you would likely die.

    6. When it happened and you were covering up some issue that might get you disfellowshiped or reproved, then you would die.

    7. Even if you were regular in the field service and had no real problems, if you didn't do as much as you could (like some sort of pioneering), then it was certainly possible and (depending on the speaker) somewhat probable that you would die.

    Death, death, and more death from the platform parade of assholes. No shortage of threats, that's for sure. I suppose that the speakers were so busy with the WTBTS bullshit about 1975 that they somehow didn't have any time to mention the Big A prediction failures of 1914, 1925, and the early 1940s. And now the entire 1975 failure has been swept under the WTBTS rug of old light which must be getting rather lumpy by now.

    Hey, WTBTS! Guess what? Those lumps aren't going away! Nope, that's because you have left way too many victims who have good memories, a sense of justice, and who aren't afraid of you, your printing presses, your ethics-free lawyers, or your dwindling supply of cash. We and those that follow us are not going away and we will use whatever means necessary to keep others from falling into the WTBTS mind-screw trap. We're laughing at you now and we will be laughing even harder in a few years when you are so broke that you'll have to sell Russell's pyramid tombstone on eBay to raise cash to keep up bedpan service for the governing body. "The End is near! The End is near!"; we've heard it again and again, but now it really is true: the end of the WTBTS. I hope it's a sunny day in Brooklyn when the last WTBTS buildings are closed because I'll be there videotaping the final exodus of all the sorry bastards leaving. And on the next day, I'll rent a dozen cranes with wrecking balls and charge exJWs a hundred dollars a throw to help knock down the last physical remainder of the WTBTS. And for the evening entertainment, I think that the WTBTS library will make for a most excellent bonfire. The flames will be bright and hot, although perhaps not as much so as those flames waiting for the WTBTS elite in the afterlife.


    Hey Skimmer,well said!I know the bastards watch this board and I hope you really pissed them off!(LOL)Hey WBTS armagedon is comming..YOURS!!..HAPPY NEW YEAR SKIMMER...OUTLAW

  • teenyuck

    Skimmer-you got it right!

    I was 13 in 1975. School was not important. I was "big boned" (chubby) and was convinced that since the "new system" as coming I would be perfect and skinny.

    To any JW's who are on this board- You can kiss my worldly/Swedish/Polish/Russian/Irish Ass!

  • larc


    I brought this up for you to read. It is a nice combination of quotes from WT literature and personal experiences.

  • seedy3

    I remember 1975 almost like it was yesterday. I was 16 at the time. I worked. part time, for my dad in his electrical business, he had many of the Brothers working for him as well. I remember driving down the road from job to job talking about the 1975 issue, one brother was buying a house, and another was buying new applinaces becasue they would never have to pay for them, seeing as this was the summer of 1975 and all. I also remember others selling their house's and businesses to start in the full-time preaching work. I was encouraged to quit high school, and work part time and pioneer as much as I could. I recall when I met up with some of my aquantences from school after the fall and the new year was starting, I got razzed for the 1975 stupidity. I tried as I could to justify the fiasco, but even I realzed it was stupid reasoning.

    Just my 2 cents

  • HappyHeathen


    Alright! Couldn't have said it any better, buddy!


  • puzzled

    Plumkrzy here borrowing space.

    I remember it very very well. Like yesterday. Shuuuh, i'm wispering now...I can remember my parents 'discussing' the countdown to armageadon. My father critisizing my mother for thinking, having the nerve to think, she knew more then the entire wtbts. My dad went out and stocked the garrage up with cases of canned food enough to feed the neighborhood. My mom telling him he was acting nuts. "Armegeadon is gonna come alright. Were gonna come home one night and it's gonna be at our house!"
    And there was the question regarding my age and the fact that I wasn't baptized yet. The popular thought with many was your children would be saved if the parents were saved. But when 1975 became an issue then no one was sure what constituted an adult. In the US your not an adult till your 18 but what if that doesn't count. What if children are considered adults at the same age Jesus was when he went out on his own. What if your 12 and not baptized! Are you going to live or die?

    I also remember the belief that if Armegeadon came and you were df'd and not yet reinstated you would not make it through Armegeadom.

    A close friend got divorced over it. She was in the Truth and her husband wasn't. She pushed and pushed to sell their house and take the money out of the bank before it's to late and all the banks go bankrupt and they loose their savings. It didn't do any good to tell her to get a grip. She wasn't taking any chances. Her husband filed for divorce, sold the house took the money out of the bank and left.
    There wasn't much during that time that made any sense at all. A lot of people on pins and needles and egg shells.
    It was like living in a club where nobody on the outside(a non-member) would be alive in the new system so don't get to close to anyone other then fellow club members. And not all of the members could get along that good.
    During the time prior to that 1973 0r 4ish, well for about 4 years the elders were at our house several times because my dad wanted my mom to keep her opinions to herself and the elders took offense at her attitude because she said everyones loosing there senses. I didn't really get it until much later. She accused the society of fueling a fire making people panic. They all came over to our house one day with the C.O. and they were all puffed up with self esteeme. Like Goodfella's. There were three elders my dad who was an elder and the C.O. and he came in and sat down and began to 'counsil' my mom and show her the error in her attitude and how she should be more humble and theocratic. They would hate to have to take disiplinary action against her. I remember her getting up and saying to the C.O. "Are U threatening me?" then I was seen in the hall way and my dad put me in my room and shut the door. I didn't get to hear anymore other then someone getting quietly chewed out. They left.
    She must have spent four day's writting a huge letter to the WTBTS quoteing half the scriptures in the bible. I would guess it's still on file somewhere in N.Y. I wouldn't mind reading it.
    I guess i'll stop now. plm

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