Where Are You From?

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  • on the rocks
    on the rocks

    @ Just Lois....I was born and raised in Mumbai,India...I am sure there are couple of more ppl on this forum from India>

  • shamus100

    Going to India this year! :D Northeast Himalayan region. In spring...

  • love2Bworldly

    most amazing the JWs at least are consistent with their cult brain washing world wide-- we all have the same stories or similar anyway

  • free2beme

    Second star to the right and straight on until Oregon

  • on the rocks
    on the rocks

    @ Shamus....I had been to Himalayas in 2003 ...some of the sights the never ending barren mountains is still registered in my head. If you are in Mumbai let me know...we can catch up.

  • jam

    Started off in the razorback state, Lakers state, Ho Chi Minh

    country, Belize, Sooners state and back too Lakers state.

  • shamus100

    Yes, I'll be in Mumbai for a bit I think. ;) The northeast is what I'm particularly interested in and am working on my permits right now. you know the mountains there are largely unexplored. REally! :D

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    >>>>>Shamus, I have posted here for 6 months. Yes. You are always monkeying around. Not very serious. Not very technical. I know, someone has to lighten things up. lol

    But of everybody here, you are the one that is getting their travel permits in order right now to trek up to Nepal, Katmandu, Base Camp or more (higher)?

    What about Darjeeling, Bhutan, Sikkim?

    Wow. lol Do you have a webpage or facebook page we can follow?

    I love going to Everest climbers sites and track their activities, then their webcams starting at Base Camp and following their transmissions as they trek up the mountains.

    I love anything to do with that area of the world. PM me if you'd like.

    What an experience of a lifetime. Meeting up with On The Rocks in Mumbai, at a low elevation, and then going higher. What transport will you be using once your in that area of the world? A bit of everything, I would imagine. I am so excited for you.

    Just Lois

  • finallysomepride

    I have not been around here much lately, but I see there are many new members.

    Tell us where you are from.

    and welcome to all you new members

  • still thinking

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