Where Are You From?

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  • finallysomepride


    Alot of members don't have a flag or country name beside their user name, and well frequently one doesn't know where that particular person is from, tell us your country, state, county or what ever you feel like giving out. If you are going to post please at least devulge your country.

    Me, I'm originally from Taranaki, New Zealand via Auckland


    For the most of this decade I have been living & working in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

    Aus Flag

    A few years ago wouldn't have dared feature a flag in someting like this, how things have changed

  • AgentSmith

    South Africa. Grew up in Gauteng, and now live in the mother city, Cape Town.


  • teel

    From Romania here. Don't care much about the flags though, I don't think I'll ever be nationalist enough to have pride in a flag Not judgin' just sayin'. Besides I'm a minority nationality here.

    I think the forum software is being reworked, and until then several functions of the forum was halted, among them is the option to put up the flag in the profile.

  • finallysomepride

    The flag thing I did because 'I can' that's all, not that nationalistic myself

  • asilentone

    Georgia in the USA.

  • teel

    Oh cool then, whoppie, I also can!

    And just for good measure here's my minority's country's flag:

  • Newborn


  • crapola

    Oklahoma. USA

  • zombie dub
  • AgentSmith

    Mine Works... The flag does not make me feel patriotic, neither the anthem. Its still the JW hangover maybe.

    But I respect it much more, because its important to some people. Just look at the outcry when the anthem gets butchered by some twit that cannot sing.

    South Africe had to endure a fool mangling it at the recent France / SA rugby match. I don't know the anthem well, but I know that it should be treated with respect. Rosanne Barr did that to the star spangled banner, so I have heard.

    I don't mind wearing a flag on my clothing, (like a pin). An absolute no-no for our brothers and sisters still trapped inside....

    Agent Smith

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