nosy JWs harassing my fiancee now

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  • SnakesInTheTower

    I mentioned the 2 nosy JW elders poking around my house 2 weeks ago (and posted a week ago here..and cannot believe it hit 2100+ views)...

    let me add this disturbing JC word from the 2 old lackeys either...

    My fiancee and her son and I were at a winery/restaraunt last Sunday (a bad place for an 8yo...overpriced food unappreciated by a kid) when I looked over at the next table on the rooftop deck, overlooking the Illinois River, and seen what appeared to be 2 JWs ladies and an obviously not JW man with them... on closer look, the one woman was a single JW sister who had a thing for me....and I was chairman of her JC for fornication (NOT with me...LOL).... and another sister..and her non-JW hubby...

    I am certain that the single sister seen me but didn't say anything. I actually recognized the UBM first. As they were leaving, the married JW sister came over...I introduced my fiancee....and the dub could not help but mention this "wonderful" JW elder that moved into their congo at the request of the CO....he is wonderful like roaches are wonderful.....but I digress. I really don't care. My fiancee was bugged at this intrusion.

    Fast forward a few days later and I meet my fiancee for brunch at her job. As we are sitting there, another nosy JW sister came up to us...again, I introduce my fiancee and she asks when we are getting married...normal question...... but then I leave and my fiancee goes back to work....

    and my fiancee tells me when she gets home that the JW sister comes back around after I left and started harassing her about "when are you getting married?, where are you getting married? I guess if Rich doesn't go to the KH you all are having a courthouse ceremony...."/.... then it gets worse...she says about my mother..."you will like Rich's mom....once you get used to her ...she is nice in her own way."....

    WTF? What business does she have asking about that? Only at the request of my fiancee do I not go knock on that bi**hes door and tell her off or go the the KH and bust in on one of their cult meetings and tell them all off.... my fiancee does not want me to cause trouble because it happened at her job and she is required to be nice to all the customers.

    I told my fiancee: "Next time a nosy ass JW gets in your business...ask them if they want the real "411"....then tell them to look up 1 Thessalonians 4:11 in their own bible...and turn around and walk away."

    They have a lot of balls doing that to her..... putting her in that position... I wonder if they will look up that scripture? lol

    Snakes (Rich )

  • blondie

    Now if I remember correctly, Rich, you were a single, eligible, spiritually "strong" jw male. You have committed the worst sin a jw female (single or married) thinks you can do. Leave and marry a non-jw sinful woman. With so few eligible single males in the WTS, that is a terrible sin. This woman and others want your fiancee to know how unworthy she is.

    I have even seen this when a jw sister becomes engaged to a brother and many in the congregation think she is not worthy of him.

    You might wonder why married jw women would react the same way; but see they have friends and relatives they have been desperately looking for mates for.

    If she comes again, I would tell this jw to stay away but with some neutral parties present.

    I'm sorry they seem to have ferretted out so much personal information about her, where she works.

  • mrsjones5

    OK your fiance does not have to pull up with that kind of crap. Yeah I know her job requires her to be nice to all her customers but that doesn't mean she has to be a doormat to bad behavior. That "sister" was out of line and could have been nicely put back in her place by making her aware that the information that she was seeking was none of her business. Your betroved could have deflected her questions by saying that she really didn't know said sister and wasn't comfortable talking about personal information in a public place and since Snakes knows the "sister" better than her maybe the "sister" should ask Snakes and then smile and walk away.

    But I have a feeling that your soon to be wifey will handle this just fine.


  • crazyblondeb

    rich...jackie and I can pay that person a visit!!

  • wantstoleave

    They must be sending the sisters to spy on you to try and deflect attention. Soon it will be brothers calling.

    Your fiancee needs to tell the next person that comes that 'I am working right now, you'll have to excuse me, I have things to do' or 'I hardly think this is the time or place to be discussing my private life' or 'We haven't really decided yet'. The shortest, simplest answer often works enough to stop them in their tracks.

    There is no doubt they're being nosey and looking for enough information to trap you.

    Sorry you have to go through this.

  • Lillith26
    ask them if they want the real "411"....then tell them to look up 1 Thessalonians 4:11 in their own bible...and turn around and walk away."

    LOL- Reasoning from the scriptures... LOL so basically thess 4:11 says to "shut up, mind your own business and do as your told"... LOVE IT!

    You could just get your fiancee to wear a really nice BIG CROSS on a necklace... I hear that keeps vampires and jw's away too! LOL

  • nelly136

    rule of thumb, never offend anyone who has their hands on your food before you get it. your missus may have to be nice to customers, but she can still tell them shes not discussing her personal life with strangers as she passes them their food. with a big smile of course for the benefit of anyone whose watching.

  • asilentone

    Rich, What does UBM stand for?

  • avishai

    Un Believing Mate

  • asilentone

    Thanks, Avishai.

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