I Talked To A JW At A Bar Last Night

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  • minimus

    He's a nephew of my good friend that I hang with, He's 48, married, used to have a beard, and is very much a terrific person.... except that he's a Witness. He kind of marches to the beat of his own drum. He asked me why I left. He said I was an elder he always admired and just couldn't get it. I said he might not like my answers, but I told him a few things. I said if it's "The Truth", why are dates and chronology always wrong? If it's "The Truth" how can the FDS make comments, speak for Jehovah God and Jesus Christ and then say just the opposite years or months later? If you are to abstain from blood, where in the BIBLE does it say some blood fractions are permissable? Where????

    He then smiled and said, "I know, I know, I know."...and bought me a beer and talked about other stuff for a half hour.

  • Magwitch

    I know, I know, I know.....

    It is the Hotel California

  • snowbird

    Next thing you know, we'll be welcoming him to JWN.


  • observador

    He might not realize it, but, by being at a bar, is a pretty good indication he's not a typical Witness and/or is in his way out.

  • babygirl75

    I was waiting for the punch line after reading the title....."A JW walks into a bar"....lol

    At least he talked with you and you know he is thinking about the things you said!!

  • minimus

    He likes his wine and beer. But he's a very nice good person. He tries to envision how Jesus would act. Methink Jesus would have a drink with us too!

  • flipper

    " I know, I know, I know " . ..... and bought me a beer and talked about other stuff for a half hour. " Yes, a very nice, good person who is in denial about the things you told him about the witnesses. MOST JW's are in denial about everything. It would be too high a price for them to pay and too much sacrifice losing family , etc. to really stand up and face the facts.

    But you never know- maybe he will think about some things you mentioned to him and ponder on it - if even only in the prvacy of his own mind. Good job on letting him know what you know

  • creativhoney

    I know I know I know.

    sounds like my ex husband. - he knows - but he doesnt want to hear.

  • creativhoney

    @observador.. why does being in a bar mean you are on your way out? is that a US thing again (refer to my recent thread on demographics)

  • minimus

    the family loves to .....They're a very peaceful group.

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