I Talked To A JW At A Bar Last Night

by minimus 33 Replies latest jw friends

  • minimus

    Yes, I do, Fark. I miss EMan.

  • DrJohnStMark

    minimus: Methink Jesus would have a drink with us too!

    After we told him some things, I think he would drink a lot.

  • minimus
  • daniel-p

    @observador.. why does being in a bar mean you are on your way out? is that a US thing again (refer to my recent thread on demographics)

    In the US, bars are largely seen as places of vice. Unless its a restaurant and bar, then its okay. Even then, they are not community centers or "public houses" like they are in other parts of the world. There are probably 15 bars in this small town i live in, only one or two aren't clogged with ne'er-do-wells, misfits, and drunkards.

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