Dec. 15th WT - WT Society REALLY Minimizes Earning a Decent Living

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  • Pistoff
    I see a trend, especially in young people, to use the pioneer service as an excuse not to seek, productive, full-time work. It is pitiful how this religion feeds into the inherent laziness of some people and gives them a 'righteous' reason to not do anything with their lives

    I know many young witnesses who are not lazy, but are lost or stuck. You are told not to go to college; add to that any job that takes you away from meetings, that might preclude even entry level type jobs at restaurants.

    I feel sorry for the rank and file teenagers. They cannot win no matter what they do.


  • 2aTap

    The irony of this is the way I have seen the elders hound the congregation for donations when a new kingdom hall is planned.

    We are not supposed to have money, as per WT articles of the type just quoted here. Yet, when they need money to build a new kingdom hall, it is suddenly supposed to just magically appear.

    Back in the recession of 1990, our congregation was trying to build a new hall - however, nobody had the proverbial "two bob to rub together". (Many didn't even have a job). As a consequence, there were many pointed talks from the platform, which accused us all of having deep pockets and short arms.

    I wasn't the only one who was offended by that sort of talk!

  • flipper

    PISTOFF- Very true - young people in the witness organization are truly at a disadvantage. No college, no working nights on meeting nights, no working on Saturday morning service, or Sunday meetings. What does that leave ? Essentially nothing.

    2ATAP- It truly is hypocritical of the WT society to expect rank and file members to donate when hard economic times exist. I'd like to ask the GB to pay my past bills for all the thousands of hours I donated to them going out in service for over 40 years. I'd break their bank

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