Dec. 15th WT - WT Society REALLY Minimizes Earning a Decent Living

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  • dgp

    I got the thing from a thread by Possible-San.

  • Hopscotch

    dgp here's a link to the story of the JW family who owned the tobacco farm and had to give it up or be disfellowshipped.


  • SirNose586

    Just to add to the "pioneer bribing" stories, some months ago I ran into a young JW who was asked not to attend SDSU for college. If he went to the community colleges instead, his folks would get him an apartment and pay his rent!

    Maybe it doesn't fit into the mold exactly, but the point was the same--don't go to college!!

  • flipper

    O.K. Here are replies to those who posted on page 2 . Thanks again for all the comments.

    WT WIZARD- Like you I was told to change my work constantly. Even by my JW fanatic wife I had back then. And it is crazy that the WT society tries controlling witnesses to even tell them what job they can work at. way too much control.

    MIDWICH CUCKOO- I do think it is a play to keep rank and file members controlled and in fear , yes. The WT society wants to keep witnesses " dumbed down. "

    ROOM 215- Exactly. No other religions make a virtue out of financial irresponsibility.

    SIR 82- Good points you make. I'm sure that they expect to make a handsome profit by selling the Brooklyn properties. But I also think they just want to keep rank and file members SO BUSY and occupied with meetings that they have little time for secular work. It's all about control of rank and file members time. Which all mind control cults are good at controlling in members.

    CREATIVE HONEY- I've seen that happen often - what you said about single mothers or even brothers pioneering living off of the state. It's ridiculous. They are living off of our taxes . They need to get a life and get a job.

    MOSHE- Sorry you had to deal with bonehead JW's as tenants who wouldn't pay their rent. Then YOU get criticized for working overtime to save money up ! Lots of us experienced that as well.

    BLONDIE- I too paid my own way when I regular pioneered for 3 years - and I also paid for my wife's pioneering too. No free rides for us either back in the day.

    UNDERCOVER- C-U-L-T . Exactly.

    WALK TALL- I think a lot of young people want a free ride in the witnesses. So they sponge off of parents and use pioneering as an excuse to be irresponsible and not grow up. Sounds like it's becoming a trend.

    PSACRAMENTO- Yeah, well - The apostle Paul may have worked with his own hands - but he was still mind controlled.

    BUTTERFLYLEIA- I agree the WT society should never even print such articles like this either. It has put way too much pressure and guilt onto people like your mother who were just trying to survive and provide for their children. This cult is evil.

    BABYGIRL 30- You are right. Giving young people an easy way out and a free ticket just promotes laziness . I agree. You end up with non-functioning adults who have been coddled too much so that they don't know their a$$ from a hole in the ground.

    LONGHAIRGAL- " These ba$tards can go to hell " . My sentiments exactly. It is the epitome of arrogance and disrespect for the WT society to tell witnesses not to work that much - when so many are suffering just hanging on in this economy.

    SLIMBOYFAT- I agree. I think some of the GB do believe the delusion that the " end of the system of things is near ". So they try convincing witnesses it's not important to earn a good living because it will all be over soon. Ridiculous. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • flipper

    JWINPROTEST- It really is crazy how others in the witness organization make people feel guilty for working and missing meetings . I had an ex-wife a JW who got so mad at me once for missing the memorial because of work - she busted a glass mirror in our dining room. I stood there wathing glass shattered all over the floor. But of course, she was bi-polar , or had borderline personality disorder - so I should have expected it.

    SIR 82- Sounds like that elder you mentioned counted his eggs before they were hatched as the expression goes. Then he is treated like a hero for quitting a lesser job. Weird.

    DOUBLELIFE- I hear you. I think a lot of us feel we wasted our lives on pioneering and perhaps living with parents too long. That's too bad you lost your job attending pioneer school. So many witnesses I knew lost their jobs by forcing the issue with employers attending a Friday session at district conventions. They were all told " Jehovah provides ". What a crock. Hope you are doing better now financially.

    PARAKEET- I think the WT society & GB want it all ! They want lots of money flowing in AND ultimate control of it's members , er, slaves.

    SNOWBIRD- I agree. It is a reverse, insidious psychology that the WT society uses on it's members. As long as they can use guilt to prick at people to donate more - they help finance their mission - ultimate control and happy easy retirement for the top dogs at Bethel headquarters.

    DANIEL-P- Exactly. It will make the crusty old buzzards at Bethel look out of touch to younger witnesses I believe. But if they can guilt enough middle aged and older witnesses into working less and donating - then maybe the GB & WT society can latch onto more brothers and sisters retirements, trust funds, estates willed to them, or inheritances. They have lots of ways to coerce $$$$ out of the older rank and file members.

    DGP- The tobacco farm thing must be in Ray Franz's second book. I don't remember it in his first book. I need to read the second book.

    SIR NOSE- Exactly. That is another way witnesses make people feel less powerful to earn a decent living- by guilting them into not going to a university or even college . Just more control.

    HOPSCOTCH- Thanks for the link sis ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • dgp

    I would like to comment that it's not just what activity you'll do that needs approval. It's also how much time you will devote to it. There's a Fisher-Price looking graph in the magazine, and it suggests that you should use one sixth of your time to "work". Yeah, right. That is enough for anyone to see that the person who made the graph (or the one who had it made) does not live in this world.

    I wonder how witnesses in the developing countries will see this. You already have to work very hard, in very difficult circumstances, to do for a miserable living, and here comes the society and tells you that you "should" use only one sixth of your time to keep yourself. Ha-ha-ha. I wonder if they will keep statistics on this, but I am sure not many witnesses in the poorer countries will be following this guideline. They just won't be able to. I am not sure how strictly they will follow these "guidelines", but I am sure that will create a stir.

  • flipper

    DGP- Good point you make about the WT society being concerned about HOW MUCH TIME it's members devote to work. If the WT society had it their way - all Jehovah's Witnesses would be awarded welfare by the government so they could all regular pioneer. All the WT society wants is members devoted to the WT societies cause - not their own families needs. It's disgusting

  • Pistoff
    So I called their bluff. They figured I would just be happy as a lower-wage worker in my old job because of what they said. They were very surprised by my boldness.

    Nice; I love hearing stories about the elders not getting their way.

    When I ran a retail business, a relative that worked for me was disfellowshiped; at the time, I was in and a believer. I asked the relative what he intended to do, he answered he was going to attend meetings and be reinstated, so I was just fine with that. But the elders would have been happy to see me FIRE him, take away his job, to punish him. What can you say to that kind of hellish control except, um, NO.

    The elders were not happy. They asked to meet with me and asked why he still had a job. I said, number one, it is illegal to fire someone over a religious matter, and number 2, he is my nephew; I am not going to fire him, end of story. They were not happy.

    A year later, a young man I had agreed to hire asked to be disfellowshiped just before he was to start employment. I talked with him, same story, he wanted to be reinstated. I hired him; he had a skillset I needed and he said he could keep his contact with other witnesses in the company to a minimum.

    Now the elders were really upset. They asked me about it, I said with the turmoil in his life I thought he could use a stable work situation, he would have minimum contact with other witnesses in the company. His (other town) elder father called me and thanked me.

    My elders said: "We think anyone who hires a disfellowshiped person has no spirituality." No kidding, exact words.

    I said you are welcome to your opinon, I am hiring him.

    Through all that, they never hooked me from being an MS.

    SO: to those who gave the elders the finger, literally or figuratively, BRAVO.

    I really can't stand elders.

  • Pistoff

    Forgot to add that we had a little drill sargeant of an elder, a new one no less, that was quite the rule guy, ones he made up mostly.

    He couseled STRONGLY that if you had a job that made you miss meetings, you needed to trust Jehovah and quit, get a different one. He told this to an MS in an EMS meeting. I wanted to kick him in the shin.

    The PO we had at the time later in the same meeting said, brother M, you need to make your own choices about work, and have to take care of your family, don't make any rash decisions you might regret.

    The new elder, and the CO he bought, caused no end of grief for the congregation, one of them the stupid counsel about dumping good jobs.


  • flipper

    PISTOFF- Right on bro ! Glad that you, OTWO, myself and others have had the balls to stand up to idiotic elders who are so dumb they don't know their butt from a hole in the ground. They act so unjustly trying to rip jobs away from DFed people just to be vindictive. And what's more , many of these men shoot off opinions out of their mouths which are ONLY their personal opinions - not Biblically based at all

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