Dec. 15th WT - WT Society REALLY Minimizes Earning a Decent Living

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  • WTWizard

    I have seen this trend myself. Once, I quit a job to take another that would allow me to attend all the boasting sessions (at least the job I quit was a crap job). About 2 months in, someone made up a story that the company I then worked for was owned by a church, and that I needed to quit that one, too, so I could pio-sneer (another attempt to get me to pio-sneer). They wanted me to quit, just on the heresy (without any evidence, let alone proof, aside someone saying that so I could pio-sneer).

    I have seen it among other members of the congregations. The talks about quitting a job because of working on boasting session nights, or splitting a job so both could pio-sneer, are all too common. There was one family that cut way back on their means of living, eliminated all fun from their budget, and is likely to get a p*** poor Social Security check and zero pension when they retire (not to mention developing health problems). When I was going in, one day I saw the lead hounder's place--there was a nice elegant bookcase full of Washtowel littera-trash, and a few knickknacks being displayed elsewhere--but I could not find a TV, radio, or any other electronic or entertainment device on the premises! And I have seen a few elderly "sisters(??)", struggling to make ends meet, putting $20 bills into the Worldwide Pedophile Defense Fund like they were nothing.

    More recently, where I now work, there was a brother and sister pair working. Both are witlesses, and they typically worked one [8 hour] shift per week. Even then, they would frequently be off because of pio-sneering, an a$$embly, or to raise money for a Kingdumb Hell quick build. I could not figure out how they got by on so little, unless they lived together (between the two, they rarely got more than 24 hours a week) with their parents. And, still they proved more loyal to the Jehovah's Witless religion than they did to their work.

    And that's on top of the money they waste on suit dry cleanings, gas and vehicle wear and tear, donations to the Worldwide Pedophile Defense Fund, wasted trips to the Grand Boasting Session and the motel rooms (bedbugs, anyone?), and supplies for field circus.

  • MidwichCuckoo

    On one hand, they must know that if they keep the 'flock' on the breadline, then they are gambling in receiving less in donations as people won't have the spare cash. BUT on the other hand, is it another way of keeping the 'sheep' in a state of fear? If people have more disposable income, they are less likely to worry generally, but poorer people are more focused on just surviving - and with the brainwashing meetings, they are focusing on surviving through the bOrg. Also, as WTWizard pointed out, if they cannot afford the finer (physical) luxuries so are more focused on the brainwashing 'spiritual' ones?

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    What other religion makes a virtue out of financial irresponsibility?

  • sir82

    This is rather perplexing, given their cash flow problems. A worldwide congregation of semi-employed window washers and "cheese cracker men" can't contribute much money.

    I figure they must be counting on a couple of things:

    1) Rich JWs will continue to ignore such messages as this, just as they have for the past several generations, and continue to send in money


    2) They are expecting to make an enormous killing by selling their Brooklyn properties in a few years, and the profits of that will carry them long enough so that they won't run out of money until the current GB are long gone. Then it's the next guys' problem to figure out where the money comes from.

  • creativhoney

    part of it strikes me as contrary. if they want money from us why dont they tell us all to get top jobs and tithe?

  • creativhoney

    in Uk we would have a few single mum pioneers living off the state.

    that used to really piss me off

    get a job you lazy cow, stop taking hand me downs from the cong and stop living off my tax..

    i mean its not like they work hard, pioneers are often just bone idle youths who come up with more and more inventive ways to count their time..

    it wouldnt surprose me to see some putting the day text up on facebook and never going on the ministry.

    god get a job and contribute to society (not 'the' society)

  • moshe

    My JW wife and I bought a mobile home park in Florida in 1982- we had to quit renting trailers to JW's as they always tried to guilt you about the rent- and when you told them to get a better job, they implied that I was materialistic , because I couldn't cut them some slack on the rent! I worked contruction and sometimes it involved overtime. I always worked it in order to build up money for the eventual layoffs. I was always criticized for doing that.

  • blondie

    In one congregation there were 3 elders that traveled during the week for work and missed at least one meeting every week. The rank and file just pointed to them if anyone had the gall to jump them for doing the same. One elder even said that he attended the meetings out of town, not knowing we knew jws in that area who had never seen him once at the local KH, not once in 5 years.

  • undercover
    " If your current employment is not conducive to spiritual growth, YOU NEED TO ADJUST YOUR SITUATION. "

    gimme a C ...

    gimme a U ...

    gimme a L ...

    gimme a T ...

    What's that spell? CULT! What's that spell? CULT!

  • creativhoney

    this gives me an idea for a new topic, I shant hijack this one.. - its to do with strictness levels. - because I came from a cong where a lot had good jobs and that was that. one was a vet and she couldnt make loads of meetings.

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