Satan is not that smart, is he?

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  • dgp

    I was just reading Brenda Lee's "Out of the Cocoon" and found an idea that I share just to let some steam off.

    According to the fable, Satan (this guy ) is a very cunning bastard who is always finding new ways to lead people astray, including the despicable worldlies that belong to him anyways (Satan has not learned that such people will not count when he puts his time card in). The thing is, Jehovah ( ) let him off his leash, so he can have fun tempting worldlies () and witnesses (the Small Flock and the Other Sheep ), getting someone disfellowshipped (), having virgins lose their virginities(,) organizing birthday parties (), giving Christmas presents () and posting on JWN under aliases such as "Angel Eyes" (that was so cunning), and so on. Once the time is right, I mean, once Jehovah ( ) thinks Satan has stretched his legs long enough, will tie the bad guy again, only to let him off one more time so more not-so-devout witnesses will get disfellowshipped () and destroyed. In the end, however, will get him again, and everyone (but Satan and his Pussycats) will live happily. So, why is Satan the Devil bothering to play this game at all? Does Satan sound like a cunning guy, after all? Even the worldlies know he will lose the game! Can anyone shed new light () on this? Any Satanologist out there?

  • DrJohnStMark

    In the Bible, Satan is not so smart... that's true. But the Bible is written by Jehovah, so you can't trust the Bible in this issue.

  • Satanus

    Like you said, he's not that smart. His intelligence is about equal to a chicken. I chicken will keep on laying eggs, even thought they get stolen each and every day. Jehovah is smarter than that. He's about as smart as a high iq human. But that's superfluous, as jehovah has almost unlimited power, and satan only has chicken power. Jehovah is gonna win, even if satan wises up.


  • bohm

    Satan has an interesting psychology. The reason he rebelled is mentioned in genesis: He wanted to be worshipped. Why jehovah created him with that desire is difficult to understand.

  • dgp

    Dr. JohnStMark,

    Sorry. Do you mean that the explanation for Satan the Devil's psychology is not Biblical? Do you think we would find that explanation in the Watchtower? Would this qualify as a "Question from Readers"?

  • Denial
  • DrJohnStMark

    dgb: Do you mean that the explanation for Satan the Devil's psychology is not Biblical? ...would find that explanation in the Watchtower?

    What is in the Bible is Biblical (what is in the Watchtower is...) and therefore supposed by some to be/come true. But then, after analysis, it turns out to be wrong: Satan seems to know better. So what does the Watchtower society understand about psyhchology... apart from the psychology related to giving up you life and fortnute for the benefit of the everlasting preaching of the seemingly good news?

  • No Longer Held Captive
    No Longer Held Captive

    Satan is very clever, so clever 7 million and more have fallen for it

  • aSphereisnotaCircle
  • OnTheWayOut

    People in India love their movies. They see way more movies than the Brits and Americans. They insist that their movies have a very good good guy, a very bad bad guy, a victory of the good guy over the bad guy, a happy ending.
    Well, readers of holy books are the same way- they insist on the same.

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