The Final Nail in the Coffin of your JW Career

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  • Gorbatchov

    My grandmother died earlier this year. We (my father and I) went two days later to my grandmothers house for the things that had to be done. Take everything away, say thanks to the people who cared for here.

    Then an elder came in the room. He asked: did you report your fieldservice this month? It is already the 6 day of the month and i did not see your report.

    Crazy! He did not say sorry for the loss of my grandmother, he asked for my fieldservice report.


  • besty

    I could bear it for myself but not for my beautiful boy

  • LatinxJW

    Unfortunately the molestation of my 4 yr old daughter by an elder's son and the cold hearted treatment my family recieved from the CO and the body of elders, the CO was supposed to be of the FDS. How do you claim to be the TRUTH when you can't even display one of Jesus greatest qualities like compassion.

  • Finally-Free

    The pedophile scandal made me decide I no longer wanted to be a JW. I still went to some meetings after that, but no serviceā„¢. Then, while I was researching the UN scandal I went to the "special talk" just after the memorialā„¢. The PO gave the talk, and started going on and on about "babylon the great" and the UN, and how religions that got involved with politics or the UN were part of "babylon the great" and we had to "get out of her".

    I thought, "Ok, works for me." I never went to another meeting and DA'd soon after.


  • Magwitch

    My Nail: Being married 20 years to an elder (very respected and loved) who smoked marijuana, watched porn, drunk most of the time, never worked, was incredibly dishonest in business dealings but was an absolutely perfect elder that every one loved.

  • kriptonian7
    obviously you werent in the family that everyone sucks up to.

    you noticed that too huh?

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Final nail? Don't know yet, we're still attending.

    I'm going to define the first nail as what was the thing that gave you the mental green light to REALLY start looking at the WT with the blinders off.

    First nail for me was giving a talk on the Service Meeting a few years ago on how to treat DFed relatives. I had personally shunned my older brother for about 20 years. I mentioned this in the talk. Did a very good job and was commended by many. One in particular said she was going to take the counsel more seriously. (Shudder) That did it. What the hell kind of a human being was I?

    First nail for my wife was an speaker going off about not even taking a glance at anything that smacks of apostate thinking. It seemed VERY extreme to her. When we got home I used an "illustration" I learned here on JWN.

    Imagine that a large envelope arrives on our doorstep with a note on the outside explaining the contents. Inside the envelope is irrefutable evidence that I am cheating on my wife. I tell her that I am NOT cheating on her and DON'T YOU DARE OPEN IT! DON'T EVEN TAKE A LOOK! If you love me and trust me, YOU WON'T EVEN LOOK!

    My wife told me last night that this was what finally gave her the confidence to look inside Pandora's box.

    Methinks Watchtower doth protest too much.


  • jookbeard

    OM did you reconcile with your brother, and how did he feel when you came back into his life?

  • cognac
    whole white blood cells are in breast milk

    holy crap, I didn't even know that!

  • The Oracle
    The Oracle

    mmmmm...yummy.... white blood cells.

    good thing JWs don't practice infant baptism! We'd be talking some major DFing numbers!

    The Oracle

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