What is it with men?...

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  • musky

    "I watched a show once that showed how much fecal matter and bacteria was sprayed out of a toilet during a flush"

    Just stay sitting and flush.Butts dirty anyway from the splash of the kids jumping in the pool.

  • SirNose586
    @sir nose. lol. thank you for that comprehensive breakdown of my post. I enjoyed it :D x

    They all had shortcomings of one sort or another. It's important for me to not make these same kinds of mistakes.

  • watson
    I think girls who date old men are wanting a father figure.

    I think men that like breasts have fantasies about their mothers.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    That's just sick watson.

  • kurtbethel

    Directions - They sound like blah blah blah, right turn, blah blah, left at the post office, blah blah. Plus, ask 3 people for directions and get directed to 3 different places, so why bother? Invest in a decent MAP!!

    Violence - Don't like it.

    Toilet seat - I don't touch it, so the owner gets to keep it the way they want it.

  • LouBelle

    Men are different to us - ladies accept it.

  • Edington

    Some wont ask for directions many men will.

    Some men like violent movies many do not.

    Some wont lift the toilet seat when they pee many men do.................be grateful for that!


  • TheSilence
    I was frustrated at watching some amazing women chase after a coupole of complete jerks, throwing themselves at these idiots.

    I shouldn't have to, and will not, chase. If a man does not realize I am worth it and is not, therefore, willingly there ready and willing then I will not waste my time hunting him down as he does not seem to be very perceptive.

    Dear god, my sentences tonight just seem to run on and on... a symptom of a long night at work, I'm afraid. ;)


  • zagor

    These posts are hilarious. Haven't been here in a long while so here we go. Both sexes have their idiosyncrasies which is exactly what makes them interesting. Imagine what life would be like if your husband was a perfect puppy in everything... I guess eventually you'd get so bored of him that you'd let him off the leash to be run over by a first incoming car. Of course you would, so stop bitching about it and lying to yourself. What excites a woman is a real man with all his little devilish rough edges, likewise what attracts a man is a real woman with all her girlish notions of 'romance' etc.

    Parakeet summarized it perfectly in her two paragraphs

    Mine will not take the 5 steps necessary to put dirty laundry in the hamper; he leaves it on the floor. He's a TV-remote Nazi, will not eat a list of foods as long as your arm, a procrastinator about nearly everything, and always, always forgets one essential detail whether it's giving driving directions or showing me how to do something on the computer.

    On the other hand, he carries in the groceries when my joints ache, he's unfailingly patient with my moodiness, so good with children it makes me jealous. He's generous to a fault, kills wasps that get in the house while I stand by screeching, sings like an angel, and has patiently endured my crazy JW parents and sibs for almost 40 years.

    I wouldn't trade him in for anything or anyone.

    I think that says it all. After all if it wasn't like that now you'd have to be arguing about latest Watchtower and about that bitch of a sister that didn't say hello to you in a supermarket. So there

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