Ladies: How do I get her to stop flirting without being mean?

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  • asilentone

    Elsewhere, confide in another woman to tell her for you, just an idea.

  • beksbks

    Stop flirting back?

  • dinah

    Slap a b*tch like Wayne Brady?

  • WuzLovesDubs

    Slip her a copy of the movie "Hes Just Not That Into You"

    I have the same problem. Some people take things wayyyyy too far. There is a guy at work who has always expressed an interest in me (there is no accounting for taste) and when I became separated he asked me to go have a meal and I said hell why not. Welll shit...right away started the daily phone calls, the constant surveillance, the watching of when I came and went from work. So I busted it off right away thinking it was ME who wasnt ready for this dating. So after 7 months I decided maybe we could go do something as FRIENDS and I was very very succinct about it being FRIENDS ONLY and please DONT CALL ME EVERY DAY and please DONT WAIT FOR ME to show up at work every day.... and we decided to go do something public like watch a football game at a sports bar or go to a craft show. And I was very specific that I didnt want our cooworkers all knowing so didnt want to discuss this WHILE AT WORK.

    Well low and behold hes off again...calling calling calling calling calling...14 times in less than two days! Waiting for 50 minutes or more after his shift ends to see me. WAiting by the time clock so I cant get in without running into him. Telling people at work he is in love (not mentioning my name) and when I am there, lurking, lingering, chasing people off who are talking to me. What the HELL??? And then he suggested I change my day off to HIS day off so we can be together all day. Um....hell no dude.

    I finally just called him back and decided to be direct, and he didnt answser so I left a message. I said, "I know you mean well, but you have GOT to stop calling me. We are NOT BF and GF. You are NOT in charge of keeping track of me. You do NOT call me repeatedly during the day until I answer. You do NOT have to "rescue me" and even though I said I didnt want this broadcast all over work you insist on making it apparent and you are embarrassing me. Please STOP waiting for me at work because frankly you are freaking me out." And of course...ten minutes later he was calling me because he knew I was home and by the phone. ugh.... And every day this week he has lingered at work...waiting and waiting and waiting...and I have been sitting in the parking lot waiting for him to LEAVE. shit...cant live like this.

    Sometimes it takes being direct for people to get it.

  • Gregor

    Tell her that if she promises to shut up you will give her a pity f--k.

    Gratitude can be very erotic.

  • booby

    Tell her that you consider yourself as married. You know, to your god Jehobber.


    I like the link that mrsjones5 added. Of course, the example is about a boy hitting on a girl. But I think a lot of the same suggestions could still apply. Thing is, the girl needs to get the message that you just aren't into her.

    Other could simply be ... elsewhere... errr, sorry, couldn't help myself.

    ***thinking he must get tired of that one.

    Good luck, else.


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee


    I think honesty along with some tact goes a long way.

    I really don't want to let you think I am interested. That would only hurt you in the long run anf that wouldn't be fair to you.

    Plus it wouldn't hurt to add the previous advice about not mixed work and relationships.

  • Judge Dread
    Judge Dread

    Maybe you can negotiate a deal.

    You know what I mean?

    Judge Dread

  • SixofNine
    Slap a b*tch like Wayne Brady?

    This is the correct answer.

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