...Fort Hood Shooter.."God is Great"...

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  • Elsewhere

    FACT: Religion kills more people than Marijuana.

  • LightCloud

    Perhaps he was just heeding the call.......nah of course not.


  • yknot

    His room is heavily guarded right now, they are planning on bringing in big wig psychs.

    PSTD is a real problem in the Hood area as in many base areas.

    His survival is expected and will add to the military's greater understanding in how to suspend personal religious/moral beliefs and issues like PSTD.

    The area's mood is very pragmatic right now but deeply sad. There is anger, but the desire to learn the cause of his actions is strong. The question on everyone's mind is how much was PTSD and much was related to his conversion.

  • LightCloud

    How could he have PTSD? He never deployed. And please don't even try the whole Pre thing with me. Sure you get anxious, and yeah you have problems sleeping, you worry about what could be. But if it was Iraq, not only would I not be that worried about it, its the calmer of the 2, and as a freaking Doctor he will never leave the wire or even be at a FOB that is not at least a lvl 2 or 3 care facility and thus not something that is going to be under seige or out in Indian country so its going to be more or less like being stuck on a small post state side with only the occasional CRAM going off.

  • BurnTheShips

    I can just imagine the BBs yesterday, eyes glued to the TV screen, itching to start a thread blaming the shooting on a "teabagger"...then they hear the name...Nidal Malik Hassan???....WTF!

    It must have been very deflating for them.


  • JWoods

    Regardless of the evidence at hand, and what will probably soon come out, traumatic stress disorder has become the "order" of the day for the left.

    There is a genuine disconnect with apologists for Islamic Radicals and haters of the War on Terror to just ignore the obviously deranged religious and political roots of this event.

    And yet, it is strangely clear to politically neutral or conservative Americans.

  • LightCloud

    The apologist and victim mongers, who are now whining about how much they fear that other muslims might now be abused or attacked becuase of the Ft. Hood attack, are the useful idiots of the Jihadi.

    Its funny how CAIR seems more concerned about the theoretical victims of retailation attack when they could be muslim rather than the REAL victims being attacked by a muslim.

  • sir82
    FACT: Religion kills more people than Marijuana.

    JW response: Only "false" religion kills.

    Ex-JW response to JW response: True...but they're all false.

  • LongHairGal

    This is so tragic. I know it was said that people shouldn't 'jump to conclusions', but what conclusion should I jump to?

    Religions gotta go. The world has had enough.

  • leavingwt

    Hasan told classmates he was "a Muslim first and an American second."


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