Assembly Parts NEVER made sense to me....!!!!

by babygirl30 33 Replies latest jw friends

  • watson

    I think you're crazy baby, this year's District Convention was "the best one yet!"

  • babygirl30

    All these experiences turned God into a grocery delivery person. He was always leaving bags of food on their portch when they needed it most

    Oh my GOD...I compeletely forgot about THOSE experiences. Family of 10, father is not working, mom is pioneering and staying STRONG - they had no food and BAM - out of nowhere - BAGS of food dropped at their doorstep. Once again, ROOOOLLLL of the eyes!!!! First off, if neither of them has a good job, why in the HELL do you keep making babies???? How do you plan to feed and support them? And when you DO have that many, both of your arses need to be working FT, I'm sorry. Like I said, Jehovah appreciates sacrifices - he does NOT bless stupidity!

  • babygirl30

    I think you're crazy baby, this year's District Convention was "the best one yet!"

    REally? Was it???? I wouldn't know...was too busy being 'worldly' and spending the weekend having FUN instead of attending the 3 days of 'spiritual food'!! My bad.

  • Butterflyleia85

    I never understood them either! I never once was choosen to stand up there and that was cool with me because everyone up there I that I knew were either BSing or really really weird anyways. I injoyed my life not being a pioneer or anything... I loved going on vacations, going to amusement parks, making sucess with things I felt I was good at... not following along with the weirdos like my grandparents/family wanted or the Brothers and Sisters at the Hall wanted.

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