Assembly Parts NEVER made sense to me....!!!!

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  • snowbird
    How many times I sat in the audience totally bewildered. A full ride to Harvard??? WOW! and you turned it down to marry Mr. disgusting with the big ass and little hands and undersized head?

    Y'all are crackin' me up!


    I totally get you, BabyGirl.

    I remember a part where a brilliant young woman reported how she walked away from a good-paying job because the men there kept trying to date her! Hard-core JW that I was at the time, that even made me go "What????"

    I was thinking, "This is the South, where back in the day, a woman of color could only dream about such a job. Yet, she's walking away because of something as stupid as that? What the ????"



  • sir82

    Here's what I've never understood: Virtually every assembly has, as noted above, some experience of a teen turning down a scholarship, often to the strong protests of teachers or guidance counselors. The teen does this so he/she can pioneer. The last CA I attended even had a demo of a teen "standing firm" despite a guidance counselor telling him he had won a "free ride to to a prestigious university".

    Um, hello? "Prestigious universities" don't go chasing after people waving money under their noses!

    1) Unless you have taken the SAT and/or ACT tests, which are expressly and exclusively for the purpose of gaining admission to a university, the universities don't even know you exist.

    2) In the vast majority of cases, you've got to actually apply for a scholarship for it to be offered to you.

    So, in order to be "offered a scholarship", you've got to take at least 2 very firm & solid steps indicating a 100% desire to actually attend a university.

    Does no one ever stop to think, "if this oh-so-spiritual teen, who was baptized at age 10 and has wanted to be a pioneer since age 12, really wanted to be a pioneer, why on earth was he giving every indication he wanted to go to college in the first place? And then slamming on the brakes in the last half of his senior year?"

    It just doesn't add up.

    Of course, given the anti-education stance that has been the heritage of JW history, most in the audience don't know all this, and so just lap it up.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    sir82, u so nailed it. Universities are not trolling high schools in order to lure u in. It's all such BS but because the avg JW barely graduates high school, most don't have a clue

  • babygirl30

    1. I get hit on everyday...not bragging and SURE as heck do NOT think I'm 'all that'. But I'm tall and am chesty sista - so yeah - EVERYDAY some dude is in my face trying to get my number, pulling his car over to talk to me, sending me an email or IM (at work) to get to 'know me better', or is just trying in some way shape or form to get IN my pants!!! LOL. I'm not stupid, I know what they are doing - but - I'll be damned if I quit my job BECAUSE of it. Please! Jehovah expects you to resist temptation - NOT be an idiot. hahahahaha. And I'm a grown arse woman...I can handle it when random people come at me. When did it become SO difficult to say 'no' to unwanted advances?

    2. I too turned down college letters - but - I also APPLIED at those colleges and took my SATs. Was a gifted honors student and on Honor Society, so of course college was pushed heavily in my face at school. I had every intention to go to school away from home, and then at the final hour changed my mind (parents threatened me) ... so yes I can say that same thing. Still, I admit that I pursued those schools from the start. The ONLY people that have colleges chasing them are 'athletes' who actually PLAY on the school team and are watched by coaches and scouts or scholars. SO if a brother talks about a 'basketball scholarship' he turned down - what the HECK was he doing to get noticed??? he HAD to be playing on the school team, or some off campus league in order to get that type of attention.

    3. I work FT, never really had a desire to reg pioneer, go to Bethel, or move where the need is greater....and guess what....i'm STILL ok! I travel a lot, I support myself, and Im a good person and a great friend.

    Where's My assembly part?????????????????????

  • snowbird
    Where's My assembly part?????????????????????


    Girl, you got the in you!


  • babygirl30

    Snowbird's the HOLY GHOST!!!! -hehehehee (Kirk Franklin singing in the background....) LOL!!!!

  • watson

    Pictures please..

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    Of course, many of these assembly parts are embellished to make them more "encouraging". I was stunned the first time I had the "privilege" of conducting one of these parts (sort of a entry level part for folks trying to climb up the ladder to DC parts). First, the POs (COBOE now) from the other congregations I called blew me off when I asked if they knew anyone with the type of experience I was looking for. Then, when I told the CO, his response was to find someone who sort of fit the experience and then "work with them" to make it fit. I responded that I thought it was a little dishonest and said that he was confident that somewhere in the circuit, the actual experience had taken place and that many were shy. So, he said I could think of it as a demonstration of what could happen as opposed to an actual experience. Of course, they are always presented as actual experiences.

    babygirl30 - seriously your experience would actually be more "encouraging" (sorry, it creeps me out typing that) to the average rank & file than some of these overly hyped ones. You are dead on about the sports scholarships! I've heard those stories too and agree that is complete BS.

    Usually these "scholarship" offers are either 1) kids like babygirl30 who had every intention of going to school but got talked out of it at the last minute or 2) aren't real offers but merely suggestions from guidance consoler that you may qualify if you apply. Usually it's #2.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    All these experiences turned God into a grocery delivery person. He was always leaving bags of food on their portch when they needed it most. And lets not even talk about tires. They are not scripted by the society. They want to have similar experiences, ie: "Find young sister who has made sacrifices to enter full time service choosing it above higher education, carear etc." Then you hear the same sort of experience at the convention. Scripted? Well, sort of. More accurately; uniform in construction. I had one part where I intereviewed three young people. A year later two were dissassociated and one was DF'd. Go kids go! W.Once

  • babygirl30

    Doubting Bro

    I used to WISH to hear some 'real' parts... I figured, the worse this 'system' got, that it would be unavoidable for the society to start making the assemblies less robotic and more personal. But of course, I would get let down cause it would be the SAME people giving the SAME experience I've heard since I stopped sleeping at the assemblies...that is not real. To think - every year I was oppotmistic that the program would be even BETTER then the year before. Right!!!!!!!!!


    A pic - No can do sweetheart! I don't want to give you any 'ammo' to go off in a dark corner and rub one out...ya know? THAT would be on my conscience the rest of the day and HOW could I ever live with myself? LMAO!!!!!!!

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