Assembly Parts NEVER made sense to me....!!!!

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  • babygirl30

    I'm not making FUN of these people by any means...whatever they deal with personally MAY be a 'temptation' to them. But to me, it's not and never was realistic. Come on....give me a gorgeous sister that men DROOL over, and how she says 'no' to them and keeps it movin in Jehovah's direction till she finds a nice brother to marry or whatever. Show me a FINE brother (brotha????) up there that has women throwing themselves at him, but he is NOT arrogant and loves Jehovah - so he is 'nice' to everyone but doesn't get tempted by the 'booty'! LOL!!! Better yet, put a couple on there that admit at times they couldn't STAND each other...he cheated/she cheated....they beat their kids - whatever. Just make it REAL. Shoot, they wouldn't want ME up there 'keepin it real' - hahahahahahaha.

    John Doe - I like the 'dark' meat on the bird (it's juicier!!! hehehehe) I was interested in brothas!

    AllTImeJeff - Literally been to assemblies ALL OVER...and I swear, every one has that SAME experience. Some plain lookin sister that when you see her in the hallway during lunch you wouldn't even give a 2nd look let alone a 1st - telling how she 'stands up for what's right'. PLEASE!! If that is the best they can come up with...well...I have nothing to say. If I WAS at your assembly, you couldn't miss me. I would've been the one rollin my eyes and shaking my head thinking to myself WTF?

  • maninthemiddle

    this past summer DC a middle aged couple spoke about how they both lost their jobs.

    Interviewer:"so what did you do?"

    Couple:"We decided to pioneer!"

    Lots of applause from the middle class in attendence while I picked my Jaw off the floor.

    Oh, dont't worry, before leaving the stage and right after his closing comments he mentioned "Brother" finally got a new job.

    Maybe they are like several pioneers where i grew up, living off food stamps to pioneer, what a wonderful example.

  • Interested Observer
    Interested Observer

    Not to get off the topic of personal experiences at assemblies, but I was absolutely shocked at the drama two years ago. It was no longer good enough for the Society to use a bible story, or a reenactment of a modern day situation as perceived by them to promote their message, but they had to meld the two in order to create a more powerful effect. They had actual bible characters, in a fictional story, promoting the beliefs of the Society. They were actually rewriting the bible in front of everybody's eyes. And nobody cared. I guarantee you that there were plenty of Witnesses there that saw it that actually believed it really happened.

  • John Doe
    John Doe
    John Doe - I like the 'dark' meat on the bird (it's juicier!!! hehehehe) I was interested in brothas!

    Depends on how you cook it.

  • Interested Observer
    Interested Observer

    As experiences are concerned, my favorite involves the brother that was pulled over by a cop. Why was he pulled over? It was because the cop had been observing him for some time and was amazed at his attentiveness to the laws. Of course, the brother was able to explain why he was such a law abiding citizens. It was because of his christian upbringing. What an outstanding witness. I think they even said he got an award from the city.

    I am not sure if that came out of a magazine or a part on the assembly, but that one always sat in the back of mind as the biggest crock. If you make something up, at least make it believable.

  • WTWizard

    Most of the "experiences" from where I was were similar--giving up work, school, or their recreation to pio-sneer. Or, pio-sneering despite having 60 different disabilities. Or, someone that is in the audience right now (notably, they never locate these people) that are getting baptized after refusing the cancer, because their spouse or relatives hounded them. Always the same--this means they probably made them all up.

    What they don't say is just how extreme the costs of doing this are. They give up a real life to pio-sneer. However, they are always struggling, they never enjoy anything except dragging themselves up at 5:30 every morning, and they usually end up dying young (usually well before 70). They die destitute, usually of preventable illnesses from all the stress of field circus all the time or of stagnation. And, they produce no value for society. Those who remain single or refrain from having children for the cancer usually regret it, but they are not allowed to say that.

  • Bonnie_Clyde

    I remember a teenager who wanted to pioneer with her friends, but thought she couldn't because she had to watch her little sister after school. She solved her problem by dragging her little sister out in service too. Of course, everybody clapped. I'd like to know if little sister is still in the "truth."

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Outlaw mentioned that the experiences are re-written. I can confirm that with an experience of a personal friend of mine and his family.

    They practiced for months what they were going to say and do in their part. Then on the day of the part, during the morning walk through the DO, who hadn't bothered attending any of the previous rehearsals, tried to get them to change everything. Brother stood his ground and finally when the DO wouldn't give in either, he took his family and left; refused to change the part.

    The DO got another random family from somewhere to go up there and say what he wanted said.

  • babygirl30

    Oh I know parts are 'altered' ... WAY back in the day when I was about 13/14, my family had a circuit assembly part and we practiced that thing TONS of times - UGH! Finally the week of the assembly, we 'perform' for the CO/DO - and they had us change this and that...say this, be more animated, dont' say that. WHATEVER!!! This is not some Broadway play nor is it an Emmy award winning performance.

    I just never felt 'understood' at assemblies. As if MY life or MY temptations were much so that the society NEVER touched on them at assemblies. WHY is giving up a college education, a sports career, a secular profession, a financially secure life, not going out on dates - all grounds for APPLAUSE and CHEER? Show me someone that has their head on straight, is emotionally BALANCED, has a good job, provides for themselves, got a college education, AND still serves jehovah - plus they are doing fine. They aren't 'suffering' like the org says they would be...

  • tjlibre

    The experiences are scripted, that is why they sound so unreal and fake.

    Noticed how in some circuit they always use the same people….

    And yes, it always amazes me how some geeky looking guy always talk about this girl that out of no where is ready to have sex with him because he is so “different” and he manages to say no to her. But for some reason, many of those guys look like chronic masturbators. Just saying.

    (I was so bored at the last Special Assembly…we just had a district convention talking about Armageddon is near…two three months later, another assembly talking about “the time left is reduced”.)

    Interested Observer

    I think I remember what drama you are talking about. It the one which had the elderly Apostle John visiting a congregation in which he had a confrontation with a brother who was promoting “going mainstream” who said to John, “you are out of touch because you are old” something like that. I remember thinking, I don’t see how this whole drama really relates to any of the issues addressed in the Epistles or with the historical account found in the book of Acts.

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