What do most ex-JWs "believe" after leaving?

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  • Hiding Questioner
    Hiding Questioner

    Thanks for asking...great question.

    Since experiencing the truth about "the Truth" (tm) and joining this forum I have given this matter a lot of thought. Perhaps it is my reluntance to give up the faith of my birth and parents, but for me I have, even though I still attend meetings, etc for my wife, kept some of the JW faith but with a twist.

    First, I have resigned myself to the fact that the WBTS is a cult that allows evil proeple to take advantage of others and that the WBTS victimizes the victims. Once I realized this damaging and currupting influence, I resolved to never subject anyone to this cancer, even though I go out "in service" (tm). And, so far I have managed to keep myself secret in my true beliefs...

    What are my beliefs? I believe that at one time the WBTS had close to (not all) of "the Truth" of the Bible but greed, power, curruption and just plain stupidity caused them to fail. That failure God sees and will judge the WBTS accordingly for all the harm they have done and contiue to do. Therefore, I do believe in a god that cares for ALL mankind (not just JWs) and that he does have a purpose to restore his original plans for the earth. It's just that we do not know when that will be. But I do know now that the WBTS is not the means to attain that "hope" and that the good people of "the world" can look forward to these blessings while the "bad" of the WBTS will be amazed at their judgement.



    I certainly don't believe in organized religion.

    I do believe in the harmony found within nature.


  • Thunderinus

    After the typical abusive experience with the watchtower I am surprised that any ex JWs at all believe in God or Christ, it is more than enough to put anyone off religion for life that awful and oppressive JW god and his actions but fortunately he is just a satanic god and not the real one.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Many believe that they are personal failures for failing to meet the Divine Standards of "The Only True Religion," and that they are unworthy of life and happiness, since the sole purpose of life is to croak praise to the Creator, like a bunch of toads.


  • garyneal

    I think All Time Jeff made an excellent point.

    I, personally, was never a JW and my parents largely never went to church. Therefore, I wasn't raised to believe in anything like God even though my mom believed in Him. I was, however, exposed to it early in my life and by the time I became a young adult, I immersed myself into Christianity at an Independent Fundamental Baptist church because I always knew that I was a 'spiritual' person and I was looking for answers.

    To Jeff's point, I latched onto Christianity because I live in a Judeo-Christian country and I particularly live in the 'Bible-belt' southern part of Virginia, the home of Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson and the like. Frankly, after truly examining myself, I can just as easily see myself becoming a Hindu or a Muslim or a Buddhist had I have been raised in a different part of the world.

    As for me, I am still a Christian as I believe it is the best religion for me spiritually. However, I do not like the idea that I have to follow a bunch of rules thinking that by doing so, I will have everlasting life. Never-the-less, I think rules are important in a civilized society and as long as they line up with the Golden Rule, it makes perfect sense. Dumb rules like "Thou Shalt Not Dance," "Thou Shalt Not Salute The Flag," "Thou Shalt Not Live At Home Past 18," etc. serve only the rule makers (men) and not God.

  • flipper

    They usually don't know what they believe - they are just finding out and discovering new ideas

  • slipnslidemaster

    I believe that she,

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