What do most ex-JWs "believe" after leaving?

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  • Satanus

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  • VoidEater

    No organized religion.

    I feel there is "something" of a "divine" nature out there, but have few beliefs about it - except that it is not the "God" that most religious types talk about, it has no ego or personality, and might be termed a kind of "aware force of nature".

    Jesus, like all of us, is a "son" of this "divine" nature, and we all have equal access to that "kingdom" he spoke of - Jesus the person probably did exist, though perhaps many sayings of a philosophical movement were combined and attributed to him (much like Lao Tzu or Confucious).

    Since none of this can be objectively validated, beliefs are not particularly important to me.

  • DrJohnStMark

    I am a non-believer. With respect to the God of Jehovah's Witnesses I can call myself also an atheist. In my opinion, it has been proven beyond reasonable doubt that such a God does not exist.

    After I quit JWs, for many years I tried to avoid any contact with religion in any form. I recognize now that, because of my background, the question (even if solved) is still of interest to me and I just cannot be indifferent. How about a religious-minded atheist? Just kidding...

    Nowadays I like to talk with priests and theologians and I frequently read literature on the subject, christian and non-christian. I also go to church (buildings) quite often, because I happen to like church music (in the wide meaning of the word). Sometimes during a concert in a church it flashes in my mind that long time ago I used to be afraid of becoming attacked by demons in those places... and I relax.

  • PSacramento

    I am a Christian, I believe that Jesus is the son of God, in perfect union with God and the HS, I believe that Jesus is my Lord and saviour.

    I do NOT believe in any organized religion, though I understand why people of the same beliefs like to, and even need to, get together in an organized manner.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    I'm Wiccan and I also enjoy visiting the Catholic church. However, I'll never ever become a member of said church because I don't believe in religious rules of any kind. Wicca allows me to be as spiritual as I feel the desire and to express it in any way I please. It happens that the pagan path is the way I most desire to express my spirituality as I am very into visual and kenesthetic expressions, such as ceremonies, rituals, and tools. I explored different Christian paths and found they aren't for me. I'm very happy and satisfied with my current path. Whether I stay on it for my whole life remains to be seen, but it's exactly what appeals to me right now.

  • Magwitch

    Hard Core Atheist

  • Casper

    At the moment I consider myself an agnostic, but open to new ideas and views for consideration. I can't see myself ever involved with organized religion again.

    As for Jesus, I do believe without a doubt, that he existed, on the other hand... I'm not totally convinced that he was God's son.

    Always searching,


  • EverAStudent

    Thank you all for sharing. These stories are deeply distressing and should serve as a warning to others. Religious abuse is a terrible thing--Jesus died of it and He warned adamantly against it. I have gone through much spiritual abuse as well, though not at the heands of the WTS.


  • creativhoney

    I believe personally that we cannot know, or simply write off ancient faiths of others. that we all have a born spirituality and each chooses to worship in his own way. I believe that christianity is something that has in modern times largely another imposition on the rest of the world by the white man.

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