What do most ex-JWs "believe" after leaving?

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  • EverAStudent

    Has anyone done a survey to determine what faith system, religion, or set of religious beliefs ex-JWs tend to settle into after leaving the organization? If not, would you care to post what you presently consider to be your own personal religion (e.g. Protestant, Catholic, Baptist, JW but not in the organization, agnostic, atheist, ...) and especially what you presently believe about Jesus (was He a real historical human, is He God, is He an angel, ...).

    Thank you!

  • minimus

    I still accept the Bible, that Jesus was God's son, etc. but honestly, I don't have a set of beliefs that I would die over. I don't know about anything.

  • undercover

    To paraphrase John Lennon...

    I believe in me, and that's reality

  • snowbird
    If not, would you care to post what you presently consider to be your own personal religion

    I don't belong to any religious denomination; I accept Jesus of Nazareth as The Savior.

    (was He a real historical human, is He God, is He an angel, ...).

    I believe He is God, was a real human.

    Thank you!

    You're welcome.


  • Satanus

    When i left, fundamentalist christianity seemed the natural way to go. I lost that religion, and presently am not religious. The posession of beliefs is much overrated, imo. I sometimes don't even believe the thoughts my mind produces


  • slipnslidemaster

    I believe whatever doesn't kill you, simply makes you...


  • keeshondgirl

    I think I just believe what I did beforeI was a witness. I belive Jesus is Gods son, I do not belive in the trinity, never had before I was a witness, I Think animals that I loved I will see again(opposite to what witnesses believe). I dont think I completely believe in the bible, I think there are parts missing or parts that were put in and not explained very well. I am not part of any religion, Dont think I ever will be again. I think religions teach how they interpret the bible and I don't like beliveing what someone tells me anymore. I dont need to be a part of anyones 'club'.

  • leavingwt

    How about this question, which is slightly different. . .

    What percentage of spiritual abuse victims later abandon organized religion and/or "god"?

    I suspect that the number is greater than 50%.

    My own victimization prompted me to evaluate my own beliefs, because I had no interest in being fooled again. Having been a JW for 23 years, I knew that I was certainly capapble of being fooled. This was not in question.

    So, I set aside any fear of Hell (however coneived and defined). My faith did not survive the "Outsider Test for Faith". I listen eagerly as people of faith explain themselves. I do not shy away from Christian apologetics. I recognize that faith really makes sense for many people. Their hopes are real. I've seen the many ways in which some of these beliefs have made these people better human beings.

  • Olin Moyles Ghost
    Olin Moyles Ghost

    By "ex-JWs" I assume you mean people who no longer believe the JW doctrine (there are lots of disfellowshiped "ex-JWs" who still believe). With that caveat, I'd venture that most ex-JWs fall into 3 categories mentioned below. It would not surprise me if a slight majority, or at least a plurality fall into #1. The next-largest group is probably #2, followed by #3. (Of course, this is all wild conjecture based on people I know in real life and on these boards.)

    1. Non-religious. They may be atheist, agnostic, deist, whatever, but they're not convinced that there's a God who wants to be worshiped.
    2. The Ray Franz model. These folks are still Christians, still believe the Bible, and still retain many WTS beliefs (no hell, no Trinity, no immortal soul). But they reject the idea of "God's organization" and focus on a simple type of Christianity.
    3. Evangelical. Some portion of former Witnesses join up with another religious group--often evangelical protestants--and embrace traditional doctrines of Christendom such as the Trinity, etc.

    I don`t Believe in Anything.

    Kicking Dirt




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