If someone asked you, 'Are you a righteous person'? What would be your answer?

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  • garyneal

    The Christian in me would just simply say that no one is righteous and therefore we should go ahead and dispel with the notion of attempting to compare our penis sizes ahem righteousness and therefore this question is totally invalid.

    Now, if you want to substitute moral person for righteous then the question becomes valid again but don’t expect an unbiased answer when you ask someone how moral that person thinks of himself or herself. A truly humble individual would refuse to answer or at least qualify it with “I would like to think I am a good moral person…”.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    If someone asked you, 'Are you a righteous person'? What would be your answer?

    My answer: whether I'm 'righteous' or not doesn't matter - I'm a British citizen who lives within British law.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    cofty: yes; People have been called righteous in the bible that have cut

    off 200 men foreskin, raped and murdered and talked to animals.

  • cofty
    Hebrews 11 is a rogues gallery of moral monsters being hailed as examples of virtue for christians.
  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Can someone tell us of a righteous man in the bible and his deeds.

    A bible character who did not murder, rape, or one who stood against slavery.

  • Vidiot

    copty - "'Righteous'. What a quaint word. Who talks like that?


  • Crazyguy
    Matt 5 says that if you can have love for everyone then your perfect like God. I try to do this in my every day life now, not judging not exalting and having love for everyone. So according to the Bible this mean that not only am I righteous but I'm also like God.
  • Giordano

    Being righteous can only be understood by calling it what it really is Self righteous.

    "Righteousness is an important theological concept in Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism and Islam. It is an attribute that implies that a person's actions are justified, and can have the connotation that the person has been "judged" or "reckoned" as leading a life that is pleasing to God."

    Since all of these religions are man made belief systems one is allowed to or justified in doing terrible things to people in the name of that religion.

    Good on the other hand can mean honorable, decent

    Good is good enough for me.

  • Xanthippe
    Good on the other hand can mean honorable, decent
    Good is good enough for me.

    All of these words, righteous, good, honourable are subjective. Good has meant burning elderly women alive to save a town from the devil.

    Good has meant having someone hung, drawn and quartered because they don't believe the Pope is descended from St Peter.

    Why is it so difficult to decide how to treat people well? IMHO it's because every situation we face demands that we decide, often quite quickly what to do and we have been taught to listen to rules given by others.

  • mrquik
    Let's check the balance sheet; minister, fornicator, adulterer, drug user, drug dealer, arrested, shot, beat up, stock car driver ( not sure if that's a plus or minus) Harley owner (definitely a plus), happily married in the end.

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