Cooks and their ingredients. Questions.

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  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    CoCo asked, "How do you dress up mac and cheese? [all right, somebody gave me these here boxes of gluey elbows]"

    Outlaw gave you a good starting point. I would add that if your elbows are gluey, its probably because they're overcooked. try boiling them for a minute less than the package directions suggest, keeping in mind that they will continue cooking as you add the cheese sauce and put the mixture into the oven to bake.

    Better yet, try making a "grown-up" version of mac n' cheese with Gruyere and a nice stinky Italian Fontina instead of cheez-whiz. ZoundS, that is GOOOOOD!

    As for the contamination of canola oil with fungus... fungal spores are EVERYWHERE; but they're killed by application of heat: that's part of the benefit of COOKING food. I'm not one of the proponents of raw food. I believe the art of cooking contributed greatly to the rise of homo sapiens. Most other species can't even prepare a proper béchamel sauce!

    If I'm going to use vegetable oil for cooking, I prefer peanut oil, and most good oriental chefs would agree with me. Obviously I'm not allegic to peanuts. Lard is KING, however. I hear your muttered sub-vocal objections - did you want to live forever?

    Is life without pork fat even really life?

    Think on these things, ponder on them.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Outlaw said, "...China has refused to take our cannola oil now..."

    Probably because it doesn't contain any ground-up melmac dinnerware (melamine plastic, the poison that was found in petfood originating from China.)


    Nathan makes a good point..

    You may be over cooking your noodles..I prefer 9 minutes on the mark..


    You may be boiling the noodles in a small pot..


    They are covered in starch..

    Boil the noodles in at least 3 quarts of water..

    Lard is KING,


  • nelly136

    its worth checking out the different oils, peanut oil or groundnut as its called here is pretty nice, grapeseed oil isnt bad both great in stir fry, dressings etc

    coconut oil food grade (not to be confused with palm oil is great too cook higher temperatures with and you can slap it on your body as you get out of the bath or use it as a hair treatment, olive oil has more than just cooking uses as do many of the others.

    ghee (clarified butter), brilliant stuff if you want to add a richer flavour to your home made indian meals currys etc, comes in a tin and keeps forever if you store it in cool dark cupboard comes in vegetarian version too. can make your own if you can be bothered.



    With all the little kids choking on loose parts from cheap toys..

    Made in China..

    You would`nt think China would have a problem,with a bit of Fungus..


  • wantarevolution

    Olive oil is good from any where in the Med, Spanish extra virgin tastes rather different to Italian.

    It is worth bearing in mind that my favourite dish (learnt at the hand of my friends italian grandmother, in Tuscany) is a putanesca (the whore's sauce :D). one of the theories of it's name is that the ingredients are so basic, that even a puta would have it in her larder (another theory is that it seems so wrong, but tastes so good :D) - all you need is black olives, whole peeled tomato, garlic (of course), anchovies (in olive oil), capers.

    Fry the garlic in a gloop of oil, add the olives - once the garlic is slightly browned, add in a tin of whole tomato - add the capers and the anchovies - stir until the anchovies have disintegrated - then cover until you want it. The longer it simmers, the better.

    I made it last night, total cost = €4 (around $5)

    I am officially of the "throw it all in and see what comes out" school of cooking.

    I always use seasonal veg (it is hard not to here) however - it tastes fresh and variates what you eat through out the year.

  • nelly136

    some fresh veg taste so good its a shame to cook them

  • Goshawk

    My browser must be messed up. This seems to be in the wrong section of the forum.

  • snowbird

    Lard is KING, however. I hear your muttered sub-vocal objections - did you want to live forever? Yes.

    Is life without pork fat even really life? No.

    Think on these things, ponder on them. So our advancement will be manifest to all!


  • DJK

    Cooking is creativity and when you create something good you share it. That's called a recipe. Don't stop with a main course. Create with vegetables too. Melt 2 onces of butter and then add a 2 tablespoon combo of fresh tarragon, chive and parsley finely chopped. Let set while steaming small "New Potatoes". When the potatoes are done, roll them in the mixture and serve.

    Accidentally I boiled two cups of beef broth, with some crushed red pepper, down to one cup and wallah, I created a tasty dipping sauce for beef and veal. Maybe seafood too.

    If your cooking healthy, olive oil is fine. Butter adds to flavor and a mix of both for sauteing can keep the butter from burning too quickly.

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