From Noah's Ark to Australia - Awake! Jan. 8, 1969 pp. 5-8

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  • Vidiot

    For the Flood narrative to be literal history, it would require so much divine intervention on so many levels, throughout the entire time span, that it makes the Deluge itself virtually pointless.

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    it's a keeper!

  • inkling
    TD: -Those marsupial mammals fill the same ecological niches in Australia that placental mammals fill on other continents. Was Australia more "suitable" to the flying phalanger than it would have been to the flying squirrel? Was it more "suitable" to the Thylacine than it would have been to the wolf?

    This is a great point, and also reminds me that the writer of the article almost blindly bumped into far more interesting and true idea:
    "But they have not evolved differently. Both are still simply alligators. Not even the most rash evolutionist would argue that they had evolved along identical lines by accident."... The alligator settled in these places because the environment suited its requirements.

    They almost hit upon "parallel evolution", which is ironically exactly what actually explains Australian animals. The fact that Australia has very few placental mammals, and mostly marsupial "versions" of mainland mammals only makes sense if early marsupials found themselves isolated on a vast island with no mammals to compete with, and could evolve to fill all the same unoccupied ecological niches.
  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Getting from Noah's Ark TO Australia is only one of the problems.

    How did the Kangers get FROM Australia to wherever Noah built his Ark, BEFORE the flood. Or did these animals all live in Mesopotamia pre-flood in which case why do we not find fossilised Kangers, Koalas, Alligators etc in modern day Turkey and surrounding area?


  • frankiespeakin

    Jehovah send a warnning out to the animals in Australia to start heading for the ark several years before and so Noah just had to open his doors and they all came in about a week before it started to rain.

  • Lazarus

    The flood story is one of the things I never could really believe, even as a young teen.

    A question for former hardcore JW's: What did you think how the marsupials came to Australia? If a householder in the ministry asked you this question, how would you have answered?

    I never ever got a meaningful answer to this question.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    St George of England.

    You got me! I was such a good little seat warmer, listening to my Leader...getting Zombified lol...that it never dawned on me, as per your post..."How did all the 'roe's and koala's make their way from Australia, to where ever Noah was building the Ark...BEFORE the Flood".

    I was a good little no thinker. Never thought about the before part, until just now, reading yours and others posts here.

    Thank you all.

    Just Lois

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    Black Man


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    Fab stuff - marking.

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    Gypsy Sam


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