From Noah's Ark to Australia - Awake! Jan. 8, 1969 pp. 5-8

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    Lol!!! Not to mention're funny

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    Another problem I've just thought about is the fact that the flood wiped out almost all these birds of pray food supply,,but easily solved by Je-hoe sending manna from heaven that tasted good and was nutritious,, both to the passengers and the birds of pray.

    An even simple way would be for Je-hoe simply to create a worm hole that sucked up all the animals and transported them back and forth, first to the ark and then back home after the waters abated.

  • frankiespeakin

    The availability of food and birds that survived the flood would definitely rule out bird carriers to australia and other far flung corners of the earth. So I think the wormhole idea might work provided God can make a Black Hole that doesn't obliterate all that fall into it.

    Then we would also have to account for life that could not survive no matter what,, like the Ice Worms, and other very special habitat creatures too many to name here and too delicate to survive without special equipment unavailable to Noah.

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    There is a mantel over the Earth:

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    "So, how did the kangaroos get from Noah's ark to Australia?"

    This question plagued me as a (jw) kid. Ironically, it's essentially this same question that caused me to lose faith in the Bible as an adult.

    Great post.

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    Why would a god have man save the animals when he or she could have done it them self? after all it was all about cleaning the earth of the human/bad angel 'shit' that 'existed' then, all of mans efforts could have then been put on saving other faithfull humans, not wasting time & effort on innocent animals.

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    Bookmaarked for brilliance- it has a certain "FARKEL"NESS about it

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    LOL vegimite sandwiches!

    don't they realize... no of course they don't, duh, that it would have taken 100 generations of roos and koalos to get here?

    Finding no suitable hospitable habitat to support years of continued breeding they would have all died along the way and we would now be finding fossils of them every 100 kilometres!

    The sad thing is that i would have believed and taught this crap and the holes would have been filled with '' well its not important otherwise jehovah would have put it all in the bible''

    somebody smack me with a lump of 4x2!


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    great stuff Leo! thanks

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