Rainham residents upset about plans for Jah Jireh care home for Jehovah’s Witnesses

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  • stuckinarut2

    But it's a private business right?

    Nothing to do with the org?

  • Simon

    There's undoubtedly some NIMBY-ism going on - given the choice most people would prefer to have green space near their homes and anything that could result in more traffic and noise is likely to be looked down on.

    However, an elderly / care home is low on the list of "likely to be a nuisance neighbour" by most people's standards. It's not like it's a nightclub ...

    The Jah Jiri is a private business but they feed / leech off the JW membership as they are clearly targeted at them and also recruit from within them. In this sense it's similar to some of the lawn care companies that spring up - perfect businesses for part-time pioneer types.

    There is always a danger of companies like this though - they may not be 'affinity fraud' scale but they can use the setup to take advantage of workers who feel unable to speak out because of consequences that go beyond the direct work relationship. Also, how much of your work status / employment relies on your religious standing?

    I think it's better to keep things separate.


    Jah Jireh is just a larger version of MAZDAY and other business that cater to Jwism. I wouldn't be shocked to learn that JWS own the biz that make the literature carts!

    Millions now living....will need a nursing home!!!


  • wallsofjericho

    This has nothing to do with JWs

    Just a bunch of Nimby's

  • Fisherman

    Millions now living....will need a nursing home!!!


  • steve2

    Elderly Witnesses' all-time favorite bedtime story?

    "You Will Not Grow Old in This System of Things!"

    Best read to them after sundown, during Ovaltine and before medication.

    Nighty night. Don't let the apostates bite.

  • Phizzy
    "Just a bunch of Nimbys". Could be. But if I was going to build a three-story huge edifice right next door to your property, dwarfing it, removing your privacy, and even the light falling on your garden and house, would you not suddenly turn into a "Nimby" ?
  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    We can't criticise the BORG for not caring for the social needs of the members and at the same time pour scorn on this kind of effort. Eddie Delaney the prime mover for Jah-Jireh is at least trying. As Freddo says, the charity fits somewhat uncomfortably with the WT machine because it actually benefits people. It does involve real estate though and some state funding. I wonder how long it will be before it gets enveloped by the mother ship.

    The quick-build system and the HLC started with individual JWs filling what they saw as a need and were eventually absorbed by the ORG who then took full credit and then any joy out of it. Watch this space.

  • Heaven
    I asked my Dad if he wanted to live in one of the Jah Jireh homes. He said "No."
  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Maybe I'm wrong, but it looks like the residents are standing in front of a fence topped with barbed wire in an area that (at least by what I've seen in the US) looks industrial.

    If this photo is representative of their neighborhood, I don't think this will be the worst thing that ever happened there. . . .

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