Rainham residents upset about plans for Jah Jireh care home for Jehovah’s Witnesses

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  • Simon

    (posted for AndersonsInfo)

    People are protesting against plans to build a large care home for Jehovah’s Witnesses behind their houses.

    Homeowners living in the Bloors Lane area of Rainham have lodged objections to proposals by the Jah Jireh charity, which specialises in spiritual and physical care for followers of the religion.

    People living in neighbouring homes say it is too big and its three storeys will dwarf their properties.

    What the care home will look like

    They are also worried about the rise in traffic and parking facilities.

    Mike Blake and Ian Bates say the development, which involves 65 bedrooms, is too large for the site, which backs on to their homes in Pembury Way.

    Mr Blake, 73, said: “The entrance to the proposed development is on Bloors Lane and the slope of the land which they intend to build on will make the building higher than the homes in our road.

    “We do not need any more traffic in Bloors Lane and what with 65 bedrooms proposed, there will staff, visitors and others using the building, it will have a high impact on us.”

    Mike Blake and Ian Bates with residents, who are objecting to the nursing home

    So far 13 people have lodged objections with Medway Council which received the application in December.

    Mr Bates added: “People only have until today (Tuesday) to lodge their objections and if we don’t lodge the objections, we as residents have no right to appeal.

    A spokesman for the charity, said: “We are simply looking to provide care for elderly folk in the community.”

    Other homes managed by the organisation are in Blackpool, Leyland, Wigan and Merthyr Tydfil






  • Quarterback
    It could be worse.
  • nicolaou

    Hard to hold a solid view with no local knowledge but I do wonder if this is just a case of nimbyism by a bunch of middle aged and retired residents with nothing better to moan about.

    Cult issues aside, it's just an old folks care home not a shopping or leisure development.

  • Fisherman
    Who wants to view a big building towering over one's small home in a quiet residential community? The resident's protests and objections have been noted I am sure by those who have the power to decide whether to build or not. This is an age old problem though. It happens a lot everywhere, but builders nevertheless carry on with what they feel is important to them. I have heard of cases where "eminent domain" takes over a property to build a public building in a zoned residential area, a road and a home for teens. The only news here is that this case is about JW.
  • GrreatTeacher

    Nimbyism - Not In My Back Yard

    I feel for the homeowners. I wouldn't want a 3 story commercial building in my residential neighborhood, either.

    I wonder if it is considered residential or commercial, though? As far as zoning is concerned.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    It all depends on how much land is taken up by the nursing home. If it fills up the property with very little green space behind and besides the building then there's an issue. A smaller building might be an acceptable compromise though it may not be cost effective for the property owners.
  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    There is a real nice retirement community for Catholic nuns and I believe

    priest, near my home. A few years ago they opened it up for anyone that could afford it,

    none Catholic anyone who had the dough. Park area, small pond and single story homes.

    The problem, there were not enough retired nuns to fill the community.

    I see the same happening here. Who will fill this facility after 10 or 20 years, it

    will be open to the public or sold to deepen the the borg pockets.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    hmmm must be a nice fat profit in the jw care home industry.

    stack em- rack em n pack em.

  • stuckinarut2

    Who says it is a facility for jehovahs witnesses??

    There is no way in the world that could be the case!

    i would go so far as to say, I bet all my money on the fact it has NOTHING TO DO with the org at all.....

  • freddo

    No I think Jah-Jireh is one of the highlights of what is good about JW's.

    A group of jw people stood up to the Society who did/do zippo nadda nil and nowt for its elderly except say go and be warm and well fed (as long as we don't have to pay) and got these homes built.

    Even the Society were too ashamed to go against this but they do nothing to help. Here in the UK the elders are not allowed to put Jah-Jireh newsletters on the noticeboards let alone make an announcement about it.

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