The 4 Sexual Deviants

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    The thread hijack succeeded.


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    You know Farkel, there's another way you could look at this.

    You could be pleased that your name on a thread automatically draws an audience. You could be pleased that you thread serves as an incubator for other "dangerous ideas," even if those ideas don't strictly conform to your Strunk & White's idea of what your perfect thread should look like. You should be pleased to be who you are and proud of what you can accomplish.

    If you were someone else, you'd be happy to know you. I'm happy I know you, and I regret that you feel my endeavor to help answer a question one of YOUR READERS asked is viewed as hijacking your thread.

    Well, you can have your thread back if you leave a large roast beef and swiss cheese hero sammich by the old oak tree. And I want some quality italian bread with that, or this thread sleeps with the fishes. Got it?

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    No problem with the roast beef and cheese. I'll be glad to bring it, but I'm going to leave the cannoli.

    I don't have anything else to do now that this thread is dead!

    Glad to see you are well and up and about, Nathan!


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    I have children and I swear if my elders (most don't have children) tell me what to do, I will tell them again and again "tell me when you got experience, and when your advice is followed by taking the responsibilty for results"

    these guys think a watchtower and elders book is the answer to everything. and it's laughable that these mags (rags) and books are written by unqualified louses!

    f you gibbering body

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    Lady Lee

    Back on topic


    1 possible adulterer and 3 celibate men. Deviants?? I was hoping for something a bit more titillating.

    The "1 possible adulterer" is wrong. There is no doubt that Rutherford had a mistress. He didn't do much to hide her either. An old poster, larc, was related to her and had the inside story The file was corrupted for a while but is now available

    In the interim another thread was started

    Although much of the data was copied to the first thread I think it is important to read to see the intense research that went into finding the facts

    As for your "deviants" comment - Men who marry and then don't have sex with their wives is deviant behavior. What was the point of getting married then? Men who are obsessed with sex and then deny married people the normal enjoyment of their bodies is deviant. Men who pretend to be one thing and are something very different is deviant. Especially for men who pretend to speak for God. Especially for men who put themselves above all others on the entire face of the earth.

    as for "something a bit more titillating" try a WT article on sexuality. On this website we try very hard to get the facts straight. We know the WTS wants people to believe that apostates have nothing better to do than sit around concocting lies about the WTS and JWs. The last thing we want is to prove them right.

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    On page 1 of this thread, I sort of went off on a tangent with my own experience on Rutherford in particular. I didn't mean for it to turn into this.

    My point was very simple (although stated with 800 more words then necesarry): JW's continue to lie when they present to Gilead students especially and "prophetic" studies through WT literature that J F Rutherford was prophesied about to be a leader of the one true religion in the 20th century. (ditto the rest of the Presidents, but Rutherford always ticks me off)

    It's important to learn the truth about Rutherford precisely because of how Jehovah's Witnesses claim Rutherford, as representing Elijah and other bible characters. The Governing Body continues to present the Presidents of the WTBTS as men who were used by Jehovah, and elevate them to the level of prophets and Kings in the bible. They continue to insist that they were prophesied to be here to lead.

    In Rutherfords case, his was not a single act of infidelity, but a life full of hypocrisy. He demanded what he did not give.

    Knorr and Franz were both men least suited to the giving of advice on sex. Millions of JW's today feel guilt and confusion precisely because 2 men with warped views of women and sex had authority somehow to present their own twisted ideas on sex as biblical.

    For anyone exiting JW's, it is important to realize that many of our hangups sexually can be traced to these 4 sexual deviants, as Farkel rightly brings out. This kind of backwards, non scriptural thinking has produced sexual repression, abuse of women, as well as hidden homosexuality and pedophilia that continues to exist today within the organization of Jehovah's Witnesses.

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    The thread hijack succeeded.

    Perhaps Farkel is being too modest.

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    :Perhaps Farkel is being too modest.

    I'm never that!


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